The new world of journalism and the media is a place where opportunities are unlimited for people who are smart and creative – people like you. We can teach you the skills and the fundamental values you’ll need to succeed in that world. You may even come up with the next great idea that will change the world. 

We in the Department of Journalism at Illinois believe in the importance of and the power of journalism, and the need for it to be practiced fairly, accurately and responsibly. We’re looking for young people like you to carry the torch for the next generation of journalists. We’re excited about the future. If the thought of doing something like this also excites you, you are meant for the Department of Journalism in the College of Media. Come join us at Illinois. 

What careers do Illinois Journalism graduates find?

  • Multimedia reporters
  • Producers
  • Editors and writers for online publications, newspapers, magazines, television and radio programs
  • Web designers
  • Corporate communications specialists
  • Public relations
  • Corporate business and technical writers
  • Political consultants
  • Speechwriters

What awards and accolades have Illinois Journalism students, alumni and faculty received?

  • Pulitzer Prizes
  • Emmy Awards
  • Peabody Awards
  • Crystal Pillar Awards
  • Society of Professional Journalists First Place Awards
  • Dow Jones Copy Editing Internships

How do I apply to Illinois Journalism?

To apply for admission to the University of Illinois Department of Journalism, visit Admissions.

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