Master's students with Prof. Sela Sar

Kieshana BeelerKieshana Beeler: I am from Chicago, Illinois. I did my undergraduate study here at the University of Illinois in Advertising with a Communication minor. I chose to continue my education in this program because I believe that advertising is one of the most valuable aspects of media and contributse to culture and society a great deal. Continuing advertising research here will allow me to grasp a more in-depth understanding of how advertising practices impact beliefs and inspire new ways of thinking.  Sabrina FangSabrina Fang: I come from Taiwan and studied Arabic Language and Literature for my undergraduate degree. I'm interested in Advertising because, in my opinion, Advertising could be a good way to tell stories. Moreover, I find advertising research fascinating because it tells us how people behave under different circumstances. I believe that by studying advertising, I could observe people in a different way and learn more about the industry!
Xuanjun GongXuanjun Gong: I come from Wuhan, China. I majored in BA in advertising in my undergraduate school. The reason I choose this school is that first it is a small town where you can enjoy great academic life and fun leisure life as well. Second, it is a Master of Science degree. I value this so much because it is a great combination of art and science, which is the essence of advertising. At last, this is a small program, in which your relationship with your classmates and professors are very close. Yoonah LeeYoonah Lee: I earned my B.A. in English Literature and B.A. in Advertising at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea. Before coming to Illinois, I worked as an Account Executive at a global advertising agency in South Korea. During my career, I developed my interests in media studies and the interaction of consumers with various digital media. I would like to contribute to innovative and meaningful campaigns in the advertising field, and make academic contributions in the field of communications and media, after completing my graduate study.
Weizi LiuWeizi Liu: I spent my undergraduate years in Communication University of China (CUC), my major was also advertising. I chose this program because this is a good chance provided by the cooperative education program between Illinois and CUC. During my undergraduate years, I developed increasing interests in how advertising works, I am eager to step into academia and experience how scientific research solves problems in this field. Kyle OrentasKyle Orentas: I am from Crystal Lake, Illinois. Prior to coming to the University of Illinois, I completed my undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I received two degrees in (B.A.) Strategic Communications and (B.A.) English Literature. Beyond the program's highly-respected and elite reputation, I chose to come to Illinois for graduate school because of the many connections and ties I have through my family history associated with this institution, as both of my parents, my aunt and uncle, and my sister all attended the U of I, and my grandfather, Dr. Howard Cole, served as a professor in the English Department here for over 50 years. Thus, I wanted to continue to make new memories in Champaign and contribute my part to our family legacy by becoming an Illinois graduate while working alongside some of the brightest and most talented minds in the field. 
Doreen (Jie) ShenDoreen (Jie) Shen: I come from Zhejiang, China. I majored in Advertising in my undergrad and I mainly did copy writing and designing works during those four years. I chose this program in U of I because I would like to devote myself to a research-oriented and highly reputational master program and apply for a Ph.D. program in the near future. Victoria SobolevVictoria Sobolev: My sphere of interest is how cultures affect consumer attitudes towards brands. I am doing my thesis on how consumer attitudes in Ukraine have been changing since the fall of communism. 
Hsaany-Yu SuHsaang-Yu Su: I come from Taiwan and got my undergraduate degree from National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), major in Chinese literature. I am always interested in the advertising industries, that’s the reason why I also got a diploma for communication program in my college. Moreover, I was also the NTHU ambassador of Google Ignite Taiwan in 2016. I think to study in Illinois advertising program can help me gain more practical experience in advertising domain. Feng XiaoFeng Xiao: I am from Shanghai, China and graduated from Dongbei University of Finance & Economics with a degree in advertising. I worked for agencies in shanghai and choose this program to be smarter.
Silu ZhangSilu Zhang: I come from China. I graduated from Zhejiang Sci-tech University, which is located in Hangzhou, and my major is Communication. The reason why I choose Advertising because I think it is a strong relationship between communication and advertising, and I think advertising is so interesting since it contains a lot of strategy.