Professor makes legal case for schools to challenge cyberbullies

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Student bullying on the internet could be headed for a showdown with a 50-year-old U.S. Supreme Court case that granted expansive First Amendment rights to kids in public school.

When it does, University of Illinois journalism professor Benjamin Holden, through a two-part legal study, is ready to make the case for challenging the offenders.

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03 Apr

AAA conference participants earn recognition

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University of Illinois faculty and students from the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising received several awards at the 2018 annual conference of the American Academy of Advertising in New York City, March 22-25, 2018.

Journal of Advertising Best Article:
Vargas, Patrick T., Brittany R.L. Duff, and Ronald J. Faber (2017), “A Practical Guide to Experimental Advertising Research."

26 Mar

Faculty and students participate in AAA conference

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A number of faculty and students from the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising and the Institute of Communications Research were in New York City participating in the American Academy of Advertising annual conference this weekend.

Papers presented included:

From Dislikes to Likes: The Future of Digital Advertising
Paying Attention: Ethical Implications for Strategizing Attention
Brittany Duff

25 Mar

Disruption, disinformation and democracy: Political reporting in the Trump era

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Since the 2016 election, political journalists have been operating in a whirlwind of Tweets, leaks, investigations, and shattered norms of governance. Please join a panel discussion hosted by the College of Media’s Department of Journalism that will address the challenges and implications of that whirlwind for journalism and for democratic life.

20 Mar