1. Will the minor in public relations appear on my university transcript?

Yes. One advantage the PR minor offers over the PR certificate is that it is fully recognized by the university. That means that students who are accepted and successfully complete the requirements for the PR minor will have it listed on their official university transcript.

2. What will happen to the PR certificate?

The PR certificate will be phased out over the 2016-17 academic year. Students who have already been accepted into the PR certificate will have the option of completing the certificate or completing the PR minor—provided they have enough time to finish the minor before their scheduled graduation.

The PR certificate will no longer be offered starting in the 2017-18 academic year.

3. Why is there an application to get into the PR minor?

The application is required for two reasons. First, the demand for PR classes is much greater than the supply of seats, so the application helps us make it easier for students in the PR minor to have access to the classes they need. But second and more importantly, the application helps us differentiate between students who have a genuine interest in public relations as a career or potential career and students who are interested in collecting as many academic “badges” as they can in their four or five years at the university.

4. What happens if I apply and I am not admitted? Can I apply again the following application cycle?

Yes, you can reapply the following application cycle. Sometimes students strengthen their applications by taking additional public relations courses, increasing their cumulative GPA, or by gaining additional PR-related experience such as an internship or a job with responsibilities associated with public relations.

5. Is there a dedicated Academic Advisor for the PR minor?

No. There is someone who can answer questions about the minor (see next question), but your regular Academic Advisor will work with you to plan your schedule once you are admitted into the PR minor.

For College of Media students, you should speak with your Media Advisor. Students in other colleges should speak with the Advisor assigned by their college.

6. Is there someone I can contact if I have additional questions about the PR minor?

Holly Pflum, Academic Advisor for the College of Media, is available to answer questions about the PR minor. Please email pr-minor@illinois.edu with questions.

7. What if I need a course substitution? 

Any course substitutions must be completed prior to your graduation. The course substitution form can be found here. No more than 3 credits may be used from off-campus transfer courses or study abroad courses to fulfill the requirements of the PR minor.