Students must complete three foundational courses about public relations and journalism (9 credit hours total):

  • JOUR 200 Introduction to Journalism (3 credit hours)            
  • ADV 310 Introduction to Public Relations (3 credit hours)    
  • ADV 410 Public Relations Strategies (3 credit hours)

Students must complete one of the following public relations or media writing courses (3 or 4 credit hours total):

  • ADV 350 Writing for Public Relations (3 credit hours)
  • JOUR 210 News Gathering Across Platforms (4 credit hours)
  • CMN 220 Communicating Public Policy (3 credit hours)

Students must complete two additional advanced topics courses in public relations or persuasion from the following list (6 credit hours total):

  • ADV 393 Advertising and Society (3 credit hours)
  • ADV 290 Special Topics(3 credit hours)                   
  • ADV 494 Persuasion Consumer Response (3 credit hours)   
  • JOUR 360 Media and You (3 credit hours)                    
  • JOUR 453 Crisis Communication (3 credit hours)                      
  • JOUR 460Special Topics (3 credit hours)
  • CMN 321 Strategies of Persuasion (3 credit hours)                   
  • CMN 377 Propaganda and Modern Society (3 credit hours)
  • CMN 464 Health Communication Campaigns (3 credit hours)

An example of a recent special topics course that would qualify for the “Advanced Topics in Public Relations” requirement is ADV 290: Sports and Public Relations (offered spring 2018). Will be announced in course description as “Eligible for PR minor.”

Some courses only offered in Fall or Spring semester. Some courses are restricted to certain majors until a particular date. Please read course restrictions carefully in the course explorer.

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