Remembering Brett Lerner one year later

We're thinking about Brett Lerner this month and celebrating the first Brett Lerner Memorial Scholarship recipient, Walker Post.

A junior majoring in journalism, Post was a natural fit to be awarded the Brett Lerner Memorial Scholarship. He came to the University with a passion for journalism and has continued to develop himself as a professional, committed to studying both editorial and news broadcast. He admits, “The busier I am, the happier I will be.

When Walker realized he was awarded the scholarship, he felt a bit overwhelmed. “It was a huge honor. I didn’t know Brett personally, but someone in our fraternity passed away over the summer. I could really empathize with everyone who was affected by Lerner’s passing. I learned the last couple of months that people really stick together and get through hard times together.”

A huge thank you to Brett's family and friends who made this possible! To add your support, visit here.

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