Jay Rosenstein

In an article titled “From Punitive Pedagogies to Liberated Learning: Employing critical pedagogies to further social justice,” Janell Hobson gives special mention to Jay Rosenstein’s documentary “In Whose Honor?” The article was published in the November-December issue of Academe, a publication of the American Association of University Professors.

Hobson states that she routinely uses the documentary in courses on media and antiracism struggles. She writes: “The documentary, which premiered in 2004, has proven its timeliness in generating important conversations among students about cultural appropriation, racial stereotypes, and the meaning of diversity and inclusion on college campuses."

“Interestingly enough, the author mistakenly writes that the film premiered in 2004,” Rosenstein said. “It actually premiered in 1997, and I like to think its timeliness over the past 19 years is a reflection on my intentionality in the way it was written -- to enhance its long-term relevance.”

Hobson is associate professor of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies at the University at Albany.

Rosenstein is professor of media and cinema studies in the College of Media.