Media Career Services (MCS) hosts various programs and events throughout the year. Through small and large events, MCS aims to help students learn and develop professional skills and, when given the opportunity, interact with alumni and other professionals to hone in on their career interests.

Resume Blitz: To start the semester off strong, stop by for a drop-in resume review to have a trained career services staff member look over your resume on a first-come, first served basis. We can give you tips on how to add internships and other relevant experiences to help put your best foot forward.

Intern Bash: Come see what students who participated in the ADV495, JOUR495, and MACS495 Internship Course have been up to, and learn about their experiences. Students present their ePortfolios, take questions, and network. Student attendees can meet student presenters with similar interests and begin the internship search.

Connecting Students & Alumni in the Windy City: Register for this opportunity to gain career and professional development information and to begin expanding your network by interacting with alumni.  Students will have the opportunity to network locally (in Chicago) with alumni through panels, roundtable discussions and an evening networking event.

Media Career Day: Check out this new opportunity available to students to learn about crucial career and professional development skills. You will be able to interact and network with University of Illinois alumni and hone in on professional development skills while working with, and learning from, professionals in the field. 

Media Career Night: Join us for an opportunity to hear from University of Illinois alumni and other professionals about their experiences working in different aspects of Media, how Media is changing, and how their experiences at the University of Illinois and elsewhere helped them reach their career goals.

Career Treks: Apply to attend a visit to an organization or company where Media professionals work. These visits are meant to help with students’ career exploration and show all of the different places that you can put your skill sets to work. On these treks, students can expect to be exposed to many facets of the employer, so the visit may include office tours, meet and greet luncheons, a case study or project, and Q&A’s with alumni!


If you would like more information on these events, please click through to the event’s information page.