Ewa Maslowska

Ewa Maslowska
Associate Professor of Advertising
227 Gregory Hall

PhD, University of Amsterdam (Persuasive Communication) 
MA, Jagiellonian University (Psychology)


Ewa earned her Ph.D. in Communication Science from the Persuasive Communication program at the University of Amsterdam. Her dissertation explored how personalized marketing communication influences consumers, taking situational and personal factors into account. She completed a postdoc in the Medill IMC Spiegel Digital & Database Research Center at Northwestern University, after which she became an Assistant Professor in the Amsterdam School of Communication Research. Ewa has been published in International Journal of Advertising, Computers in Human Behavior, Journal of Marketing Management, Decision Support Systems, and others. She is on the Editorial Review Boards of the International Journal of Advertising and the Journal of Interactive Advertising.

  • Digital Communication Methods Lab (University of Amsterdam, Research Priority Area) research grant 2019. Project: Improving the measurement of consumers’ exposure to online content. 
  • Marketing Science Institute research grant 2018. Project: The effects of trait-based personalization in social media. 
  • Best Paper Award International Journal of Advertising 2017 
  • Best Paper Award Journal of Marketing Management 2016 
  • Top faculty paper award Communication and Technology Division AEJMC Conference 2015, San Francisco, CA 
  • Best paper nominee ICORIA conference 2018, Valencia, Spain 
  • Best paper nominee ICORIA conference 2017, Ghent, Belgium 
Research/Creative Endeavor

Ewa’s research centers around marketing communication and consumer behavior, specifically consumer-brand interactions in the context of new technologies. Her current research and teaching interests include personalized advertising, brand engagement, social media advertising, eWOM, consumer decision making, digital analytics and computational advertising. In her research she often takes a data-driven approach to investigate the effectiveness of marketing communications and the relations between various forms of consumer engagement and purchase behaviors. Trained as a psychologist and communication scientist, she also applies experimental and psychophysiological research methods. Her focus is on conducting research that advances theory, but also produces actionable insights.

Select Publications

Maslowska, E., Segijn, C. M., Vakeel, K. A., & Viswanathan, V. (2019). How consumers attend to online reviews: an eye-tracking and network analysis approach. International Journal of Advertising, 1-25. 

Kim, S. J., Maslowska, E., & Tamaddoni, A. (2019). The paradox of (dis)trust in sponsorship disclosure: The characteristics and effects of sponsored online consumer reviews. Decision 
Support Systems, 116, 114-124. 

Malthouse E.C., Maslowska, E., Franks, J. (2018). Understanding programmatic TV advertising. International Journal of Advertising, 37(5), 769-784 

Viswanathan, V., Malthouse, E.C., Maslowska, E., Hoornaert, S., & van den Peol, D. (2018). Dynamics between Social Media Engagement, Firm-Generated Content, Live and Time-Shifted TV Viewing. Journal of Service Management, 29(3), 378-398 

Maslowska, E., Malthouse, E.C., & Bernritter, S.F. (2017). Too good to be true: The role of online reviews’ features in probability to buy. International Journal of Advertising, 36(1), 142-163 

Maslowska, E. Malthouse, E.C., & Viswanathan, V. (2017). Do customer reviews drive purchase decisions? The moderating roles of review exposure and price. Decision Support Systems, 98, 1–9 

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Maslowska, E. Smit, E.G., & van den Putte, B. (2016) It Is All in the Name: A Study of Consumers' Responses to Personalized Communication. Journal of Interactive Advertising, 16(1), 74-85 

Maslowska, E., Smit, E.G., & Van den Putte, B. (2013). Assessing the cross-cultural applicability of tailored advertising: A comparative study between the Netherlands and Poland. International Journal of Advertising, 32(4), 487-510. 

Maslowska, E., Van den Putte., B, & Smit, E. G. (2011). The effectiveness of personalized e-mail newsletters and the role of personal characteristics. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 14, 765-770. DOI: 10.1089/cyber.2011.0050.