Advertising Research

The Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising is the first university department focusing on advertising education in the country and a global leader in advertising research. Consistent with Sandage’s vision of advertising, the department strives to shape the future of advertising by placing more emphasis on the “why” than on the “how” of advertising activities in broader social contexts.

Faculty of the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising are highly interdisciplinary. We publish books and articles in flagship journals in a variety of fields such as advertising, history, public relations, communication, psychology, media, marketing, and information and computer sciences. We conduct theory-driven research with implications for the advertising and media landscape and society. The department is housed within the College of Media and advertising research faculty hold appointments in the Institute of Communications Research.

Media Research Symposium

What is our approach?

Using social sciences or historical approaches, our faculty are adept at multiple methods to tackle important communication and societal problems involving media and advertising.

  • Big data and machine learning
  • Content analysis 
  • Data analytics
  • Experiments
  • Field experiments
  • Focus groups
  • History
  • Interviews
  • Netnography
  • Physiological approaches (eye tracking, emotions)
  • Social media analytics
  • Survey

How do we work?

We actively engage and mentor undergraduate students and graduate students in research, and our advertising faculty often work across disciplinary lines and in research lab groups. We are curious and passionate. We are open to new ideas and new approaches. 

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