Research & Creative Endeavor

Journalism faculty are dedicated to advancing the profession through traditional scholarship and the exemplary practice of journalism. We publish our academic work in a variety of media, from scholarly books and journals to textbooks and guides for working journalists. Faculty also produce journalistic work for highly regarded news outlets. Recent activity includes:


  • “The Power Elite Re-examined: Exploring the Contours of Insularity, Connectivity, and Privilege in US Political Journalism” – a research study conducted by Dr. Nikki Usher and Dr. Margaret Ng – was accepted for presentation at the 69th Annual International Communication Association Conference in Washington, DC in May.
  • Data for Journalists: A Practical Guide for Computer-Assisted Reporting by Professor Brant Houston, who holds the Knight Chair in Investigative Reporting, hit the bookshelves in late December. The book, published by Routledge, is in its fifth edition.
  • Professor Ben Holden (JD, MBA) was an invited lecturer last December at the National Judicial College’s national symposium for judges and journalists. Prof. Holden delivered two lectures: “Essential Teamwork in Dealing with the Media on How the Third Branch Can Co-Exist with the Fourth Estate and Vice Versa,” and “Historic and Current Threats to Democracy,” the research for which involved Holden’s Illinois students.