Harsh Taneja

headshot of Harsh Taneja
Associate Professor of New and Emerging Media
222 Gregory Hall

Ph.D. Northwestern University
M.A. Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, (MICA) India
B.E. NSIT, University of Delhi, India

  • Center for Social and Behavioral Science
  • Institute of Communications Research
Course Specialties
  • Audience Analysis
  • Network Analysis 
  • Seminar in Media and Communication Research

Harsh Taneja is interested in how people consume media. He teaches and researches about media audiences, an area that is relevant to all media majors and beyond, regardless of whether they want to pursue advertising, journalism or media studies. His teaching draws on contemporary and historical conversations about media metrics, data and AI. 

Before becoming an academic researcher, Harsh has worked in the global media and advertising industry, including as an audience researcher at the Global News Division of the BBC.

Research/Creative Endeavor

Harsh Taneja is interested in how people consume media in an environment where they purportedly have plenty of choice. Within this broader question, his work focuses on global internet audiences, as well as how people consume news on digital media.