Kevin Wise

Kevin Wise
Professor of Advertising
244 Gregory Hall
  • PhD, Stanford University (Communication)
  • MA, Indiana University (Telecommunications)
  • BGS, Indiana University (General Studies)
Course Specialties
  • ADV 281: Advertising Research Methods
  • ADV 483: Audience Analysis

I came to the College of Media in 2013 after spending 9 years at the Missouri School of Journalism, where I co-founded and co-directed the PRIME Lab and taught in the School’s Strategic Communication sequence.

Research/Creative Endeavor

My research explores the psychology underlying interactive media use. In other words, how do different attributes of medium, message, person, and situation influence the processes and outcomes of media use? I primarily address this question through experiments that measure physiological and self-report indicators of cognition, emotion, and motivation.

Current/Prospective Students: Collaborating with students on research is one of my great joys. Please feel free to email me anytime if you’re interested in learning more about research and/or working in a media research lab.

If you’re not currently at the University of Illinois but interested in coming here, please feel free to email me about student assistantship opportunities.