Daniela Mejia

Get to know some of our College of Media students! Daniela Mejia is a Class of 2025 advertising major. 

What excited you the most about majoring in advertising? 
I became interested in advertising because of how flexible and versatile the jobs are within the field of advertising. I am leaning towards pursuing the more creative side of advertising, where I can pitch and develop new ideas. I have always been a creative person, and I enjoy music and writing. I thought that advertising would be more practical, plus I could use other beneficial skills I am learning while still being creative!

What do you think has been the most beneficial class you have taken within the College of Media that has challenged and shaped you, and why?
ADV 175: Diversity in Advertising has had a significant influence on me. In class, we learn about the portrayal of minority groups in media. We discuss the stereotypes and harmful associations that are portrayed in media and reflect on how it affects those minority groups and the consequences of those effects. This class has been eye-opening, and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to learn more about this topic! I enjoy the course because it aids in bringing awareness while inspiring young college students to continue to raise awareness about this issue within media. ADV 175 is overall helping me analyze how media portrays certain minority groups and motivates me to contribute to creating change and fixing the problem of inaccurate representations and portrayals.

What are you involved in here on campus?  
I was part of the New Voices Internship Program during my freshman year. This experience helped me branch out more and gain experiences in media! Interviewing faculty and students gave me more confidence and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed being a part of the program. It allowed me to talk to and interview amazing people that I would not have otherwise met or spoken to if I had not been a part of New Voices. 

What advice would you give an incoming freshman who is interested in majoring in advertising?
I would tell incoming first-year students to get involved, no matter what! I think it is essential to remain receptive and have an open mind, so try not to reject the opportunities or events happening on campus. I also believe that when you join different RSOs, internships, or jobs on campus, you must be aware and listen to your fellow peers in whatever you do. Collaboration is such a crucial part of college and learning how to get along and work with other individuals is an important skill to learn and have.

—Interview by Reis Glover, New Voices Intern

Daniela Mejia