Enji Erdenekhuyag

Get to know some of our College of Media students! Enji Erdenekhuyag is a Class of 2024 journalism major. 

What excited you the most about majoring in journalism? 
I did yearbook in high school, and I really enjoyed interviewing people because I like having conversations and getting to know different people. This is when I realized I was interested in journalism. During my freshman year, I explored many different aspects of journalism while working for The Daily Illini. I was able to learn more about print work for a publication, fashion writing, and sports journalism. I also began writing feature stories for the 247 Sports Illini Inquirer. Currently, I am an intern with NBC News and I helped out with Search Engine Optimization, which involves improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a webpage from search engines. I am currently trying out new things and figuring out what I enjoy the most! 

What was the most valuable lesson you learned at your NBC Chicago internship? 
I started there as a sophomore and the biggest thing I learned was to have confidence in myself. I realized it is important for me to explore, experiment, and experience new things and open myself up to new opportunities. You need to put yourself out there because this is how you will learn and gain new experiences.  

Which Media class so far has been most valuable to your major? 
Journalism 311: Media Law was amazing. I learned a lot more information about the law. The structure of the class kept me on my toes and it continues to fascinate me! Journalism 220: News Editing was also extremely helpful. The class helps you learn the basics of writing which is a huge component of journalism!  

What advice would you give an incoming freshman majoring in journalism? 
I would suggest getting involved in clubs around campus and network with peers and professors. I believe that making connections with peers and professors can greatly influence your life. The people you meet and the connections you make on campus become an amazing support system as you learn and advance in your studies and your career. I think networking is so important because the professors are here to guide you and your peers are experiencing the same adjustments that you are. I think it is important to put yourself out there, meet new people, give it your all, and do your best! 

—Interview by Reis Glover, New Voices Intern 

Enji Erdenekhuyag