Greta Prepejchal

Get to know some of our College of Media students! Greta Prepejchal is a Class of 2025 advertising major.

What excited you the most about majoring in advertising?
Advertising is a flexible major. Advertising majors are able to choose their own path by picking courses that they are interested in taking. As an artistic person, I found my passion by being able to focus on the creative side of advertising. Some of my peers who are more analytical and strategic and are able to concentrate on the business side of advertising by taking special classes in this area of interest.

What is your career goal after graduating from UIUC?
I am really interested in working at a creative advertising firm in Chicago once I graduate. The field of advertising continues to change and grow as new technologies and programs are developed. Social media allows us to connect with different audiences in our everyday lives. I am excited to see how advertising continues to evolve in the future. I am excited to be a part of the advertising industry and play a part in helping the field reach new heights.

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen majoring in advertising at UIUC?
I would encourage other Media students to get involved. I am a part of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) here at Illinois. As an active member, I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator. I also had the opportunity to partner and work with a local business in Champaign County, by serving as a creative director for an advertising campaign. I did not expect to get hands-on experiences during my freshman year. AAF also allowed me to make great friends!  

—Interview by Adelina Garcia, New Voices Intern

Greta Prepejchal