Her Campus at Illinois

Q&A with Christine Chustak, Advertising Student
President of Her Campus at Illinois

What does Her Campus do? 
Her Campus is the number one online magazine for college women. They focus on all things health, beauty, skincare, fitness, and more. As Christine said, “It is basically a girl’s collegiate guide to life.” In addition to publishing really great articles, Her Campus also hosts events throughout the year. Two major events include Glamourland in the fall and Get Fit in the spring.

What is fun, meaningful, and unique about Her Campus? 
What makes Her Campus so meaningful is the fact that a bunch of girls who all share the same interests come together with the same goal of creating really great content that they are passionate about. In addition, all of the content that they put out can be seen by anyone. Her Campus is a national magazine so the articles that these girls write can help and inspire girls all over the place.  

What are the current goals of Her Campus?  
One important ongoing goal that Christine mentioned is maintaining the chapter's current status. Her Campus has different levels of status that are given to each chapter based on the number of articles, quality of the content, content being put out on time, and other factors. Right now, the Illinois chapter has platinum status which is a high achievement, so Christine wants to keep up the good work and maintain that status.

How can students get involved in Her Campus? 
Her Campus recruits twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. If you’re interested, be sure to fill out an interest form, attend the info meetings, and eventually fill out an application to join. If you have questions about Her Campus, you can send Christine an email at chustak2@illinois.edu. She would love to share more about Her Campus because she has loved her experience and wants others to be able to experience it as well!  

—Interview by Danielle Rowaiye, New Voices Intern

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