ICR congratulates Class of 2022 doctoral degree candidates

Alma Mater in regalia

The Institute of Communications Research congratulates the degree candidates for a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in communications and media! For 2021-2022, the degree candidates, their dissertations, and their advisors are:

Susmita Das
"Speaking the International Language: A Transnational History of the Indian Advertising Industry, 1955-1969"
Advisor: Professor Amanda Ciafone

Xiaohan Hu
"Exploring the role of control in digital advertising effectiveness"
Advisor: Professor Kevin Wise

Morten Stinus Kristensen
"Discourse, Platforms, and Racialization: Danish Muslims Navigating Hegemonic Danishness on Social Media"
Advisor: Professor Angharad Valdivia

Giang Vu Hang Pham
"The Cognitive, Motivational, and Affective Cost of Flow Experiences in Media Use"
Advisor: Professor Brittany Duff

Yilin Ren
"How Do Tactile Interactions and Movement Orientations Affect Information Processing of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) on Mobile Devices"
Advisor: Professor Kevin Wise

Ann Elisabeth Strahle
"Flag Waving Doesn’t Help when the Bullets are Coming Down the Line: Dialectical Tensions of Religious Communication in the National Guard Chaplaincy" 
Advisor: Professor Emeritus Clifford Christians

Yanyun Wang
"Effects of Augmented Reality on Risk Perception of E-cigarettes for Young Adults: From the Perspective of Construal Level Theory"
Advisor: Professor Mike Yao

Kerry Bernice Wilson
"Black Moms Matter: Competing Discourses of Black Motherhood in the Age of Black Lives Matter"
Advisor: Professor Isabel Molina-Guzmán