ICR students present research at summer conferences

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC)

Top Student Paper
“Learning from Confucius: Moral Self-cultivation (Xiuji) and Its Application in Media Ethics Education”
Yayu Feng

Top Student Paper
“Exploring the Effect of Control on Playable Ad Effectiveness”
Xiaohan Hu

3rd Place Student Paper
“Words Can Tell More than Pictures: Investigating the Role of Presentation Format and Motivation on Consumer Responses to Online Product Information”
Xiaohan Hu and Chen Chen

3rd Place Student Paper
“Flow = Optimal? How Flow Diverts Media Users’ Performance, Enjoyment, and Evaluation in Multiple-Goal Pursuit”
Giang V. Pham
Minh V. Pham (Hanoi University of Science & Technology)

“Are You Engaging the Game? Effect of the Challenge and the Interaction toward Game Engagement in Mobile FPS Game”
Yoon (Seo Yoon) Lee
Makana Chock, Heejae Lee, Se Jung Kim, Shengjie Yao (Syracuse)

Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS)

“Locating the Authentic Indie: Indie and Independent Film Marketing in a Brand Culture”
Dora Valkanova

International Communication Association (ICA)

“Does Generating Search Queries Enhance Recognition Memory in Consumer Search? The Role of Online Search 'Querying' on Memory”
Chen Chen and Kristy Hamilton

“Regulating the Openness of Digital Public Sphere in Chinese Social Media: Media Law, Policy, and Internet Regulation”
Yiran Gao

“Trust in Humans or Machines?: Exploring the Effects of Social Cues on User Self-Disclosure to a Chatbot"
Weizi Liu

“How Attributes of Humorous Scientific Messages Predict Engagement on Twitter and Instagram”
Leona Yi-Fan Su, Assistant Professor of Advertising
Jennifer Zhang
Meaghan McKasy (Utah Valley University)
Michael Cacciatore (University of Georgia)
Sara Yeo (University of Utah)
Ali DeGrauw (eLearning Brothers)

“Visualizing Traumatic Memory in Chen Kaige’s Film Farewell My Concubine”
Yiran Gao