Illinois Wins Award at Association for Consumer Research

Three Women in front of powerpoint presentationProfessor of advertising Michelle Nelson and College of Media graduate students traveled to Dallas, Texas, to present research at the annual conference for the Association for Consumer Research this October.

For their film, Teaching Consumer Resistance in Jamaica: Subvertising in Action, Nelson, along with doctoral students in the Institute of Communications Research (ICR) Kathy Tian and Yanyun (Mia) Wang; Illinois assistant professor of human development and family studies Gail Ferguson; Rachel Powell from the CDC Foundation; and Candace Wray from the University of West Indies, won "Best Videography" at the conference. The 20-minute video addresses unhealthy eating and obesity issues as a part of a food-focused critical media literacy intervention program called JUS Media? Programme. The videography also features a “subvertising competition” among adolescents and mothers in Jamaica. (Watch the trailer here:

In addition to the videography, graduate students Weizi Liu and Yoonah Lee, along with Nelson, presented research on voice-activated assistants, titled “Alexa, Let’s Make a Trade.” Nelson and ICR doctoral students Kathy Tian and Regina Ahn also presented research titled, “Krabby Patties, Kelp Chips, or KitKats?: Exploring the Depictions of Food Featured in Children’s Television Shows.” —Molly Leahy, Communications and Marketing Intern