Kishi wins Shirakawa Shinobu Award from Tokyo Advertising Association

KishiCollege of Media master's and doctoral degree alumna Shizue Kishi (MS '79, advertising; PhD '83, ICR) received the 41st Shirakawa Shinobu Award from the Tokyo Advertising Association for distinguished contributions to the advertising industry. 

Kishi is the first female honoree to win this award, named after the advertising director at Shiseido, the largest cosmetic company in Japan. Kishi will retire on March 31, 2022, after her many years of service as dean of the School of Business at Tokyo Keizai University.

Her publications on media models and communication effects of advertising appeared in Journal of Marketing ResearchJournal of Advertising ResearchProceedings of the American Academy of Advertising, as well as in Japanese academic journals. Her book, Contemporary Advertising (coauthored with Hiroshi Tanaka and Kazue Shimamura), was awarded a prize for an excellent textbook from the Japan Academy of Advertising in 2001.