Learning from home: Reflections in photo composites

While practicing social distancing, I have been reflecting on my last four years at the University of Illinois. It makes me sad that I will never again have the opportunity to walk the halls of Gregory Hall as a student. But, even in such unfortunate times, I am thankful to have fond memories of my experience at the College of Media. I have been thinking a lot about the concept of place and how a space can serve a purpose depending on the situation. I decided to layer images of Gregory Hall that I took last summer with images of my current learning situation to show the unity between the spaces. Taking classes at home is a big change, and I didn’t think I would be spending my last semester in this way, but I have come to appreciate my own space and all the purposes it can serve.

Greg Hall photos taken June 9, 2019.
Home photos taken April 2, 2020.

—Madeline Wilson, photography intern, senior in journalism

Gregory Hall and home composite

Illini composite

Lock photo composite