Navarro covers 2020 election with CBS

Aaron Navarro (BS '18, journalism) works as a CBS broadcast associate for the 2020 political unit covering House and gubernatorial races. Navarro has been a key player in following the central stories for down-ballot races, from impeachment to coronavirus, and helping with overall 2020 election coverage. 

He previously worked as a news associate for CBS Evening News and Face the Nation before starting coverage of the 2020 election last June.

"It's never lost on me how much of a blessing and responsibility it is to cover such a historical election cycle," Navarro said. "Every experience and trip has taught me a lot about journalism today and about this country, and I'm honored to be part of one of the best teams in the business. I'm thankful for the foundation my time at UIUC provided. Shout-outs to The Daily Illini, WPGU, and UI-7 News. I-L-L!”

Aaron Navarro