Janice Collins, Ph.D
    Assistant Professor
    University of Illinois
    College of Media
    Department of Journalism
  • PhD in Communications, 2009, Scripps College of Communications, Ohio University-Specializing in Media Management and Critical Cultural Theory
  • Associate Certification in Women's Studies, Ohio University
  • MS in Journalism, 2005, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University
  • BA in Speech Communications and Theatre Arts, Concentration: Communication/Rhetoric, 1986, Wake Forest University

Course Specialties

  • Multimedia Story Telling 
  • Leadership Development 
  • Communication and Media Theory
  • Pedagogical Design 


Dr. Janice Marie Collins is a multi Emmy, Associated Press, Best of Gannett award winning journalist with more than 20 years of experience in the journalism industry and an award-winning professor with 14 years of teaching experience on the university level. She was selected as one of the Top 50 Journalism Professors in the nation of 2012 by Journalismdegree.org and was recently inducted into the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Legends 2015 Hall of Fame representing Wake Forest University Womens Basketball. Collins has received recognition for her teaching and service, including a Faculty of Excellence award by the Department of Minority Affairs at Eastern Illinois University and an Excellence Award for Teaching and Service at Hampton University.

Collins has won multiple Emmy awards for writing, editing, videography, producing, and reporting. Some of the nationally and internationally aired publications include the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Susan Smith murders, broadcasts of 300 Days: Dreams of the Olympic Games, Superbowl Special and a 3-parter in-depth story on inner city children left behind and how they survive in which she was videographer, editor, producer and co-writer Living in the Madness. The series was awarded an Emmy award for writing and an AABJ award for storytelling.

Dr. Collins research focuses on leadership development and issues of self-empowerment, gender and race in media, journalism, and college classrooms/newsrooms. For 2 consecutive years, Collins has won first place in the Open Paper Competition at the National Broadcast Educators Association Conference as, both, coauthor, and sole author, for her research on leadership development, gender, and issues of race coverage in the media. Her research adds to the literature on pedagogical approaches, designs and strategies and professional practices that lead efforts towards De-Marginalization.

Dr. Collins is working on a textbook for educators and newsroom leaders on her innovative style of teaching within a collective, called Active Centralized Empowerment. This pedagogy addresses issues of self esteem, marginalization, diversity, and power on multiple fronts. Her latest publications include a Critical Cultural perspective book on race relations from a social-psychological platform called 250 Years and Still a Slave: Breaking Free with Active Centralized Empowerment, a web-series and broadcast program called A Taste of Gullah that aired on PBS, as well as academic book chapters and journals. At the moment, she is working on completing a documentary that chronicles her trip back to her maternal ancestral land, Sierra Leone, West Africa and the Mende tribe.

Collins earned a Ph.D. in Communications from the Scripps College of Communications at Ohio University-Specializing in Media Management and Critical Cultural Theory and an Associate Certification in Womens Studies. She received a Masters of Science and Womens Studies Certification at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communications and Theatre Arts with a concentration in Communication/Rhetoric at Wake Forest University.

On a personal note, her background as a military brat heightened and developed her belief in diversity and leadership and adaptability, since she moved almost every year and a half until the age of 13. She was born in Oklahoma, but weeks later, she moved to Germany (1 of 2 stints). She considers herself an East Coast native of Virginia where she spends as much time as she can fishing, camping, kayaking, eating plenty of seafood and working on one of her ongoing novels-shes hoping to publish sometime in the future.

Aside from her academic and research agenda, Dr. Collins is the radio host of Theoretical Tea and Company, a radio program for intellectual stimulation and discussion. Service bound since she was a little girl she enjoys volunteering her time in the community with organizations for survivors such as SACIS and HOPE and Illinois Reads. Collins loves to play chess, cook great meals from scratch, listen to great music-especially classical, play the guitar and read non-fiction books.

In everything she does, her goal is to assist in making the world of journalism, inside and outside of the classroom, and the world in general, a kinder, safer, more fair place to thrive and achieve your positive dreams and goals-whatever they may be.