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Since this is the inaugural year of the Decades program, contact will focus on educating the alum about the program and asking them to be a participant. In the future, language will focus on making a specific ask amount/increase.


Dear Mr./Ms. ___, Greetings from the University of Illinois College of Media. I am a board member on the College’s Leadership Council, Class of __ and I am personally contacting you to share news about a new program that is bringing alumni together. We recognize your past support of the College and appreciate your commitment to Illinois. Thank you! You are among a special group of alumni who make a difference in the daily lives of our students.

Because alumni have a critical role in the Illinois experience, the College has put together a new class giving program called Alumni Decades. I am hoping we can have a brief phone chat about this program and other news relating to the College.  You can reach me at ___.  If a phone call isn’t convenient for you, please take a moment to visit the Alumni Decades website to learn more: It really is an exciting opportunity to bring all alumni together to support students and programs.

Thank you again for your commitment to Illinois! I look forward to hearing from you.

Phone - Leaving a Message

“Hello, this is _______. I am a Leadership Council Board Member with the University of Illinois, College of Media Class of __. This message is for ______. I am hoping to get in touch with you to share some exciting news about a new College of Media alumni program. I will call you back in a day or two or you are welcome to call me at _____.  I look forward to chatting with you!”

Phone – He/She Answers

“Hello, this is _______. I am a Leadership Council Board Member with the University of Illinois, College of Media Class of __. Is ______ available for a quick chat? Great, how are you today? Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time. I am calling for two reasons. One, and most importantly, I would like to express my thanks for being a loyal contributor to the College. As a board member, I have witnessed the impact of gifts on the Illinois experience and recognize how your support has influenced… 
(use this time to utilize talking points and to ask them some questions).

The other reason for my call is to share news about a new program called Alumni Decades.
(refer to talking points)

The “ask”: “Because of your level of loyalty to the College, I would like to personally invite you to participate in our new Alumni Decades program and represent the (1990’s) Decade. By renewing your gift, you will make an impact on students and the alumni who share your strong beliefs in this great institution.  (pause)  

If they say “yes” to participating and making a gift: Immediately thank him/her and mention online gift options, or, offer to send information. State: “It will be terrific to count your gift towards reaching our goals – thank you!”

If they say “no” or have no interest: Listen to the reasons as to why. Let him/her know the University and College will always value his/her relationship. Ask if they have any further questions and thank him/her for the call.

Close: “Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me. I’ve really enjoyed it! Before we go, do you have any new contact information the University should be aware of (ask for email)? Again, thank you for your support and time and hope you make it back to campus soon!”