Sandage Project capstone project showcase

In the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising capstone course, taught by senior lecturer Shachar Meron, students form mini advertising agencies and create real-world campaigns for campus and community groups. Students learn how different disciplines work together—including account direction, research, strategy, media, and creative—to better understand the why, how, and what of advertising.

Below are some recent projects created by teams of advertising seniors in ADV 498: The Sandage Project. They came up with a name and logo for their agency, defined their client goals, gathered insights from target audiences, identified main messages, and designed creative strategies to achieve the goals.


Team: 20/20

20/20 created an advertising campaign for the Champaign Center Partnership. Their goals were to get 100 residential memberships by December 2020, as well as increase newsletter subscription by 20% and grow website visits by 2,000 unique visitors. View their campaign pitch.

2020 insight

2020 creative


Team: Ascend

Ascend created an advertising campaign for Discover Self Community. Their goals were to increase website visits by 25%, double Facebook likes, and raise Tree of Hope donations by 25%, all by February 2022. View their campaign pitch.

Ascend insight

Ascend creative


Team: Top Spot

Top Spot created an advertising campaign for the Cancer Center at Illinois. Their goals were to reach $100K in donations by the end of December 2021, and increase Facebook page follows by 50% and increase web traffic by 40% by May 2021. View their campaign pitch.

Top Spot insight

Top Spot creative