Second annual MACS Student Showcase

MACS Student Showcase audience

The second annual MACS Student Showcase on May 4, 2024, was a faculty-curated film screening featuring the work of students in media and cinema studies courses from Fall 2023 and Spring 2024—courses such as Smartphone Cinema to the Horror Film to Cinematography and Sound, and more. Faculty wanted students to have the chance to see their excellent work on a big screen and enjoy it with their friends and family!

Watch the program and see timestamps/credits below:

MACS 140: Smartphone Cinema

00:00:16 - Scene recreation from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction (1994)
Jin Wang, Yue Wang, Qingyang Xia, Angela Ye, Ella Yoder, Mitchelle Zavala, Enxi Zhang, Yifan Zhao, and Yvonne Rose Smith

00:01:13 - Scene recreation from Doug Liman’s The Bourne Identity (2002)
Felicity Abbott, Cameron Alagna, Jane Baer, Emily Bautista, Oscar Benavides, Britney Chen, Louis Dalpoas, Monzerrat Degollado-Hernandez, and Stephany Diaz Espino

MACS 150: Intro to Digital Media Production

00:02:48 - Choke
Marilyn MacLaren

00:10:04 - Innovative Illini
Anthony Mojica, Mikolaj Wierzbicki, Thomas Marousek, and Justin Martin

00:15:08 - The Dodger
Nolan Duquaine, Katie Farrell, Judi Georges, Ziyu Liu, and Paul Rampersaud

00:20:42 - Snack Run
Chen Chili, Akkhiel Nambbiar, and Jacob Tidrick

MACS 282: The Horror Film

00:25:50 - The Conjuring: A History of Lies
Adrien Reetz

MACS 260: Film Production

00:35:49 - Ebertfest 25th Anniversary Trailer
Bridget Nolan

00:37:30 - Inescapable
Anthony Mojica and Paige Gaines

00:44:06 - Ghostbluffers
Chen Chili, Anna Dobrzyn, Kinzie Parsons, and Armando Garcia

00:54:50 - The Inter-view
Izabella Kleinfeldt

00:59:13 - My Dear, Watson
Kris Modi and Aidan Allenfort

[30-Minute Intermission]

MACS 485: Making Video Essays

01:40:20 - A Moving Poem
Jose Figueroa Díaz

01:47:33 - Walking
Jorge Mercado

MACS 590: Essential Digital Production for Graduate Students

01:49:34 - Being There: A Videographic Essay about the Camera as Presence
Robbie Sieczkowski

MACS 370: Cinematography and Sound Design

01:55:18 - Excerpts from Deke Weaver and Jennifer Allen’s CETACEAN (The Whale)
Filmed by MACS 370 and broadcast on Illinois Public Media’s Prairie Fire

MACS 480: Advanced Filmmaking

02:05:40 - Surprise
Max Szykowny

02:44:48 - Campus Services
Akkhiel Nambbiar and Hannah Herndon
Original Script by Nathan Carlberg and Emily Watson

MACS Student Showcase flier