Students attend True/False Documentary Film Festival

True False Film Fest

Each spring, students in MACS 295 gain experiential learning by attending True/False: A Film Festival Experience, held in Columbia, Missouri. Students learn about evolving cinematic approaches, and attend documentary panels, events with filmmakers, and film screenings.

In 2020, the class saw a total of 10 films over four days. 

"There were two fairly conventional docs that we really enjoyed: Mucho Mucho Amor, which is about the Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Murcado, and Feels Good Man, about the cartoonist who created Pepe the Frog and his efforts to wrest control of his creation from the alt-right," said media and cinema studies lecturer Jon Knipp. "Some other favorites: Crestone, about Soundcloud rappers living in a yurt in the Colorado desert; The Cloud Never Left, about toymakers in a small, impoverished village in India (they make their toys from discarded film stock!); one half of Steve "Hoop Dreams" James' epic documentary about Chicago's mayoral election City So Real; and Pier Kids, which is about homeless queer kids who gather and support each other along the Christopher St. piers of NYC (a heartbreaker)."