Yewon Hong


Research Interests

Cuteness, aesthetics, affect, game, critical theory, cultural studies, cultural analysis

Recent Publications/Presentations

Puzar, Aljosa and Yewon Hong. “Korean Cuties: Understanding the Performed Winsomeness (Aegyo) of South Korean Women.” Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, vol.19, no. 4, 2018: pp. 333 - 349. 

Hong, Yewon and Dustin Hellberg. “Transient Labor: Past and Present of Young Female White-collar Work Force in South Korea.” The Journal of Human Studies, vol. 42, 2017, pp. 39 - 60. 

"Cultural Geography of Dating in South Korea’s Urban Landscape," 9th East Asian Regional Conference in Alternative Geography, Daegu, South Korea. 

"The End of Boredom: Introducing Fun in Workspaces in South Korea,” Politics of Boredom, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Awards and Honors

Illinois Distinguished Fellowship, 2023 
Fulbright Graduate Student Program Award, 2023 
Horizon Fund, University of Amsterdam, 2018

What Most People Don’t Know about Me

I’m an early bird and I’m a night owl. So I’m wise and I have worms.

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Yewon Hong