2019-2020 student award and scholarship recipients


Congratulations to these College of Media students who received campus and college awards and honors, and scholarships that were made possible thanks to our donors.


Bronze Tablet
Inscription on the Bronze Tablets in the Main Library recognizes students ranking in the top three percent of their graduating class.

  • Andrea Cunningham
  • Kelly Nenninger
  • Samantha Schrage
  • Constance Tzakis
  • Chantal Vaca
  • Peyton Wesner
  • Ying Xie
  • Linhui Xu
  • Coltrane Zerai-Che
  • David Zucker


Senior 100 Honorary Members
This campus honor recognizes academics, leadership, service, and engagement at the University of Illinois.

  • Nikki Mantis
  • Rachel Miller
  • Nina Pavell 
  • Onix Nava


Highest Honors
For 2019-2020, the Highest Honors status in the College of Media is awarded to graduating seniors with a 3.89 to 4.0 GPA. (Ranges are based on percentages and may change slightly each year.)

  • Luke Cooper
  • Andrea Cunningham
  • Bridget Fudala
  • Han Gong
  • Matthew Hutchison
  • Allison Kelly
  • Jace Kole
  • Karen Liu
  • Kelly Nenninger
  • Samantha Schrage
  • Constance Tzakis
  • Chantal Vaca
  • Peyton Wesner
  • Ying Xie
  • Linhui Xu
  • Coltrane Zerai-Che
  • David Zucker


High Honors 
For 2019-2020, the High Honors status in the College of Media is awarded to graduating seniors with a 3.83 to 3.88 GPA. (Ranges are based on percentages and may change slightly each year.)

  • Ariana Balice
  • Nicholas Castelli
  • Jiaying Deng
  • Megan Doah
  • Timothy Flemke
  • Jameson Heininger
  • Alexia Jackson
  • Xiaoxiao Jiang
  • Sung Eun Kang
  • Kathleen Leiner
  • Jiahui Li
  • Madison Mangan
  • Claire Molenda
  • Stephanie Olson
  • Kathryn Pappageorge
  • Jonathan Parrott
  • Nina Pavell
  • Leonardo Pellegrini
  • Tara Taghavizadeh
  • Shubo Wang
  • Claudia Wine


For 2019-2020, the Honors status in the College of Media is awarded to graduating seniors with a 3.72-3.82 GPA. (Ranges are based on percentages and may change slightly each year.)

  • Taylor Bone
  • Emma Campanella
  • Kathryn Collins
  • Jeffrey Cutler
  • Caleb De Ruiter
  • Jerome Genova
  • Daniel Gerardi
  • Haoru Jia
  • Kathryn Lauer
  • Jessica Lee
  • Tiffany Leung
  • James Lipinski
  • Zhi Luo
  • Yuhan Ma
  • Sidney Madden
  • Alondra Martinez
  • Gianna Mazeska
  • Shannon McCollum
  • Jennifer McKendry
  • Andrew Miles
  • Natida Nivasnanda
  • Olivia Okocha
  • Caitlin O'Rourke
  • Emma Palatnik
  • Karli Paulson
  • Lauren Prince
  • Kyra Puetz
  • James Rancich
  • Eder Rebollar Vergara
  • Heather Schwartz
  • Emily Sekula
  • Erik Sofranko
  • Kelsie Thurman
  • Zihan Wang
  • Madeline Wilson


James Scholars
This university-wide honors program encourages James Scholars to develop skills in leadership and service, research or honors coursework, service learning and global studies, and professional development.

  • Abigail Kalsto
  • Sung Eun Kang
  • Grace Khachaturian
  • Kathleen Leiner
  • Yuhan Ma
  • Andrew Miles
  • Anna Mullendore
  • Olivia Ottenfeld
  • Kathryn Pappageorge
  • Karli Paulson
  • Nina Pavell
  • Megan Rudd
  • Constance Tzakis


Kappa Tau Alpha
This college honor society recognizes academic excellence and promotes scholarship in journalism and mass communication.

  • Timothy Flemke
  • Karen Liu
  • Madison Mangan
  • Kathryn Pappageorge
  • Claudia Wine
  • Linhui Xu


American Advertising Federation's Most Promising Multicultural Students
Each year, the American Advertising Federation selects the 50 Most Promising Multicultural Students in the nation. Winners participate in a three-day industry immersion program with the highest level industry executives and companies in New York City.

  • Lauren Jorges
  • Tiffany Leung
  • Hitomi Nakamura
  • Jessica Ocampo
  • Teya Ridgeway


Barton A. Cummings Graduate Assistantship
The late Margaret K. Cummings provided funding for advertising graduate assistantships in honor of her late husband. Barton A. Cummings, the retired CEO of Compton Advertising, was a member of the American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame and served as chair of the James Webb Young Board at the University of Illinois.

  • Amy Pan


Betty Hinckle Dunn Memorial Scholarship
Mr. Lyman Dunn, a graduate of the University, established this scholarship in memory of his wife at the time of her death. Mrs. Dunn was a journalism graduate and a longtime officer of Women in Communications. Mr. Dunn died in 1986. The fund supports an undergraduate scholarship and an annual public lecture by a distinguished journalist.

  • Delaney Appelhans
  • Madeleine Hubbard


Bill Geist Broadcasting Journalism Writing Prize
This endowment was established in 1998 by alumnus Bill Geist, CBS correspondent and best-selling author. The award is presented to an undergraduate student majoring in broadcast journalism who demonstrates extraordinary ability and creativity in writing and reporting news for radio and television.

  • Daniel Gerardi


Bob Reid Minority Student Recruitment Scholarship
Bob Reid began teaching journalism at Illinois in 1979 as a visiting lecturer, then joined the journalism faculty as a professor in 1980. He retired in fall 2003. The fund was established so his friends, former students, and colleagues could help perpetuate his passion for journalism teaching and scholarship.

  • Alliyah Rumbolt-Lemond


Brett Lerner Memorial Scholarship in Journalism
This scholarship celebrates the life of Brett Lerner whose untimely death in 2015 lead to an outpouring of support from the campus community and across the country. Brett was a junior studying journalism who inspired many with his tremendous talent, professionalism, and drive to succeed. Those closest to Brett knew him as a very bright young man with an amazing future ahead of him in the sports broadcasting field. His parents, Richard and Susan Pomerantz, were instrumental in establishing the fund and providing a way for family members, friends, and Brett’s many professional and personal connections to honor his legacy. The Lerner Scholarship is awarded to a talented undergraduate student with a passion for journalism and demonstrated experience working for a high school or college newspaper or other journalism work experience.

  • Gabrielle Hajduk


C&U Poster Advertising Company Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a senior majoring in advertising. It was created by Kip Pope to honor Robert P. Pope and Barbara G. Pope and in memory of Fred and Bertha Gillingham. Mr. Pope is the former president of C&U Poster.

  • Kalief Dinkins


C. Arthur and Eleanor Hemminger Scholarship
The late Eleanor Garm Hemminger was a 1939 graduate of the University, and established this endowment through her estate. Arthur Hemminger was a 1930 journalism graduate. Scholarships are presented to deserving undergraduate media students.

  • Tyler Belisle
  • Matthew Hutchison
  • Alexia Jackson
  • Jace Kole
  • Jennifer Li
  • Robyn Pease
  • Amil Styles
  • Emma Wilbur
  • Linhui Xu
  • Coltrane Zerai-Che
  • Junyan Zhang


C. O. "Doc" Erickson Scholarship in Journalism
This scholarship was established in 2006 by the late University of Illinois alumnus and film producer C.O. “Doc” Erickson, who worked with many Hollywood directors, including Alfred Hitchcock on “To Catch a Thief” and “Vertigo,” and with John Houston on “The Misfits.” The scholarship is presented to undergraduate students enrolled in journalism.

  • Carson Gourdie


Calvin Hugy Scholarship
This endowment was established from the Calvin E. Hugy estate. Mr. Hugy was a 1950 journalism graduate. He retired as vice president of Pacific Eurpac Service, Inc., of Greenwich, Connecticut. The scholarship is presented to deserving undergraduate media students.

  • Hannah Erickson
  • Zane Inman
  • Kathleen Leiner
  • Annalee Mattson
  • Colin Meier
  • Erin Nadel
  • Lincoln Rogers


Cardiss Collins Scholarship for Diversity in Advertising
Established by the American Advertising Federation in 1996 to honor Illinois’ first black congresswoman, Rep. Cardiss Collins, this scholarship is awarded to a minority student intending to pursue advertising studies.

  • William Morrow


Carl and Ruth S. Stephens Scholarship
The Stephens family bequeathed a farm to the College of Communications in the mid-1980s. Proceeds from its operation and eventual sale in 1990 have been used to endow this scholarship for journalism students who demonstrate academic merit and/or financial need.

  • Renato Arteaga
  • Charrice Jones
  • Joshua J. Kim


Charla Krupp Endowed Scholarship for Internships in Journalism
As a 1975 journalism grad, Charla Krupp was an inspiration to students, faculty, and professionals alike with her ambition, enthusiasm, and accomplishments. She had a strong desire to help students establish careers in major media markets, such as New York City. It was Ms. Krupp’s wish that the College of Media develop a valuable and practical internship program on her behalf, delivering a rich, diverse multimedia learning experience to allow students to gain hands-on skills for a successful career in journalism.

  • Deliah Bradley
  • Madelyn Foster
  • Sung Eun “Julie” Kang
  • Eugene White


Charles G. Sotir Journalism Scholarship
This scholarship is made possible from funds donated by alumnus Charles G. Sotir and his wife, Mary, of Evanston, Illinois. The award is given to a journalism undergraduate student with academic merit.

  • Gabriella Vazquez


College of Media Alumni Scholarship
Established in 1943 by alumni donations, this endowment provides awards to outstanding College of Media students, based on scholarship, character and professional achievement.

  • Zeke Allis


College of Media Annual Fund Scholarship
These scholarships are funded through contributions to the College of Media Annual Fund from alumni and friends. They are given to students based on their scholarship, character and professional achievement.

  • Iris Gan
  • Maxwell Price
  • Rachel Yao


College of Media Endowed Fund for Scholarships and Experiential Learning
The proceeds from this fund, created in 2014, support merit scholarships and internship opportunities for students across the college. The anonymous donors were motivated to help create opportunities for students that combine their classroom education with practical experiences gained through internships.

  • Kati Potaczek
  • Grace Tessitore
  • Addyson Wesolowski


College of Media Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship is made available each year to outstanding undergraduate students within any college degree program and is based on financial need, academic merits, or both. Gifts to the fund are made annually by alumni and friends.

  • Keaton Clark


Dana M. Ewell Memorial Placement Awards
Established in 2003, this award honors Dana M. Ewell in name and legacy. Ms. Ewell was an instructor, lecturer, academic programs coordinator and placement/internship coordinator in the Department of Journalism. Whether in the classroom teaching a course on editing or reporting or in her office providing information and guidance on internships or job placement, Ms. Ewell was always accessible for students. She became a mentor and friend to many. This award is presented to a junior, senior or graduate student who is studying journalism.

  • Danielle Catlett
  • Elizabeth Restrepo


Daniel and Nancy Balz Endowed Fund in Journalism 
In 2013, Dan and Nancy Balz brought their love of an Illinois education to life by establishing their first scholarship. Dan received both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in journalism and went on to be an internationally recognized correspondent for The Washington Post. Nancy has degrees from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Library and Information Science. The fund from their endowment will be used for either scholarship or internship support for journalism students in the College of Media.

  • Madeleine Hubbard
  • Samantha St. Leger

Dave Benton Internship
Dave Benton was a highly respected journalist who served Champaign-Urbana audiences for a decade at WCIA-TV as co-anchor. He passed away from brain cancer in May 2015. Among those he touched through his work was Mrs. Andy Williams. She wanted to honor Benton’s work and legacy by supporting student journalists through an internship at WILL, where they have the opportunity to see their own local news up close while building a portfolio of work in a professional newsroom.

  • Eunice Alpasan


David Shaul Endowed Scholarship in Journalism
David Shaul, a 1963 graduate with a B.S. in journalism, personified what local television news should be. He was an integral part of Champaign-Urbana, as a professional broadcaster and citizen, for more than five decades. He was an ethical journalist known for his experience, professionalism and rich knowledge of central Illinois. He set the standard for quality television journalism and was honored by several friends and family who created this scholarship in his honor in 2018. The scholarship honors an undergraduate journalism student based on academic merit.

  • Claire O'Brien


Donald E. Chamberlain Journalism Scholarship
This award is presented to outstanding journalism students on the basis of academic performance and promise of success in the field. The award was established in 1956 by the Illinois Legislative Correspondents Association in memory of Mr. Chamberlain. The ILCA dates back to 1946. Mr. Chamberlain worked with state and legislative leaders to establish modern pressroom facilities for the association in 1947.

  • Sarah O'Beirne


Ed Wilks Memorial Scholarship in Journalism
This scholarship was established in 1988 by the Ambassadors, a St. Louis charitable and civic organization. Mr. Wilks graduated from the University of Illinois in 1950 and went on to a fine career in journalism. He worked with The Associated Press and for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, where he was executive sports editor for most of his 34 years in the business. This scholarship is for undergraduate journalism students interested in newspaper careers.

  • Naomi Diaz


Florence Hood Miner Scholarship in Journalism
This endowment was established in 1998 by Florence Hood Miner of Castle Rock, Colorado. Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students in journalism, with a preference to students working for The Daily Illini or a similar student newspaper.

  • Tyler Panlilio


The Forsyth Family Endowed Scholarship
Created in 2014 by Illinois alumni Bill and Martha Forsyth, this renewable scholarship is awarded based on academic merit. The Forsyths know that media is a rapidly changing industry. This scholarship will help students gain the experience they need to make an impact in the industry and be innovative leaders.

  • Javen Joerger


Gerald Robert Bland Scholarship
Established by Wilma R. Bland from her estate to honor her late husband, Gerald Robert Bland, this scholarship is presented to students in journalism.

  • Mariah Guzman
  • Leah President


Gerald P. Johnson Scholarship
A 1951 graduate of Illinois, Gerald Johnson was an engaged community member and great enthusiast of local sports. To honor Gerry and his lifelong interest in sports broadcasting, his family established the Gerald P. Johnson Endowment Fund in the fall of 2013. The fund provides merit-based awards for either scholarships or internships to undergraduates with an interest in broadcast journalism.

  • Anthony Pasquale
  • Peyton Wesner


Glenn Hanson Scholarship in Visual Communications
Presented in honor of longtime journalism faculty member Glenn Hanson, this scholarship is awarded to a journalism student studying graphic arts.

  • Eunice Alpasan


Glenn Holman Roberts Journalism Scholarship
This award was established by the late Glenn H. Roberts, a 1947 University of Illinois journalism graduate. Mr. Roberts retired after 39 years as the vice president of research for The Des Moines Register and then was the head of his own research firm. The fund provides scholarships to juniors or seniors who have proven ability in journalism courses, have extracurricular journalistic experience and demonstrate a particular interest in print journalism.

  • Tristen Kissack


Goldie Maxine Cord and Marcus Franklin Cord Scholarship
This scholarship was established in memory of Goldie Maxine Cord, a 1936 journalism graduate. The scholarship is presented to a third-year journalism student.

  • Connor Ciecko


H. Maxine Gladding Greenwood Scholarship
This award was established in 2001 by James Greenwood to honor his wife, Maxine, a 1938 journalism graduate. Mrs. Greenwood was a feature writer for the Moline Daily Dispatch and was the first woman on its display advertising staff. The fund provides scholarships, fellowships and teaching awards as appropriate. Students receiving scholarships are chosen for academic achievement and financial need.

  • Shaylee Bent


Harold E. and Dorothy Johnson Sortor Journalism Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 1988 by Harold E. and Dorothy Johnson Sortor of Savannah, Georgia, who wished to acknowledge their appreciation to the University of Illinois by providing financial recognition to outstanding journalism students. The scholarship is based on academic merit.

  • Alliyah Rumbolt-Lemond


Harold Gustave Roettger Memorial Award
This award is presented to an outstanding graduating senior in media and is based on academic performance and membership in Kappa Tau Alpha, a national communications honorary society.

  • Peyton Wesner


Harold R. Bruno Fund for Journalism
The Bruno Fund, created in 2011, provides unrestricted support for the College of Media. This year the income from the fund is being used to support internships. A 1950 graduate of the college, Bruno began his journalism career working for Chicago area news services and papers. At Newsweek he served as foreign correspondent and political editor before joining ABC News in 1978 where he retired a political director.

  • Sung Eun “Julie” Kang
  • Samantha St. Leger
  • Peyton Wesner


Helen C. and Theodore B. Peterson Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 1998 in memory of Theodore B. Peterson, former dean of the College of Communications, now the College of Media. Dean Peterson’s wife, Helen Peterson, passed away in 2007, and the scholarship now bears both of their names.

  • Sydney Wood


Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Scholars Graduate Fellowship
In honor of the late Ted Peterson, former Dean of the College of Communications and magazine journalism giant, this fellowship is awarded based upon academic merit and professional promise to graduate students enrolled in the Department of Journalism.

  • Isaiah Baba
  • Daria Mahkneva


Illinois Broadcasters Association Scholarship in Journalism
This scholarship was established in 2004 for an undergraduate journalism student majoring in broadcasting who demonstrates talent, commitment, excellence and professional ambition in broadcasting. The student must have a superior record of academic performance and be the top student preparing to enter their senior year.

  • Chantal Vaca


Iris Chang Journalism Award
This award was established in memory of Iris Chang by her family and friends. Ms. Chang was born in Princeton, New Jersey, and grew up in Champaign-Urbana, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism at the University of Illinois in 1989. She established herself as an invaluable source of information about Asia, human rights and Asian American history with her international best seller, The Rape of Nanking. Seniors in journalism are eligible.

  • Benedicte Mulumba Yenyi


Jay Lin Scholarship
Jay Lin (MS '89, advertising), the first mainland Chinese student to receive a master’s degree from oversees, created the Jay Lin Scholarship Fund in 2018. It was his dream to someday give back to the University of Illinois’ next generation of advertising students after receiving support via the James Webb Young Scholarship when he was a student. This scholarship honors an advertising student in the college.

  • Caroline Field


Joe Sutton Honorary Scholarship
This award was established by the late June Sleeman, University of Illinois journalism alumna, and her late husband, Tom Sleeman, who was president of Unocal Chemicals in Los Angeles, to honor Joe Sutton, former assistant dean, associate professor in journalism and editor of Illinois Alumni News. Joe was a key person in the instructional program of the Department of Journalism and had the responsibility for the core of news writing and editing courses. The award provides a scholarship to a female print journalism student enrolled in the College of Media—who is or has been on the staff of The Daily Illini—on the basis of academic performance and promise of success in journalism.

  • Pari Apostolakos


Joel D. and Analee Weisman Scholarship
Established in 1999 by Joel D. Weisman and Analee Rudich Weisman, this scholarship is given to an undergraduate student who is working, either part-time or full-time, at a job that involves journalism, marketing or management. Students with financial need are given preference. Joel Weisman is an attorney, talent representative and Emmy Award-winning Chicago television host and commentator. While a student he met his wife, Analee, and worked as a sportswriter columnist for The Daily Illini and The News-Gazette.

  • Anthony Pasquale


John H. and Sylvia N. Schacht Memorial Scholarship
John Schacht was a longtime journalism faculty member who was an editor of The Daily Illini as an undergraduate. His father was previously editor-in-chief of the paper. Sylvia N. Schacht taught English at the University for 25 years. This scholarship was created by the Schacht family in honor of their parents. It is presented to an undergraduate student who is a staff member of The Daily Illini.

  • Kelly Johnson


John R. Foreman Scholarships
The Marajen Stevick Foundation established the John R. Foreman Scholarships fund in honor of John Foreman’s “outstanding service” to The News-Gazette, the community and the profession of journalism. A 1977 journalism alum, Foreman began his career at The News-Gazette as a reporter and was later promoted to state editor, city editor, managing editor, editor and general manager. The scholarship underscores Foreman’s resect for education at all levels and his commitment to journalism and to the University. The award provides internship or scholarship assistance to undergraduate students enrolled in the Department of Journalism.

  • Samantha Boyle
  • Claire O’Brien
  • Marissa Plescia
  • Ethan Simmons


John T. Trebilcock Memorial Award
This memorial fund was established to honor the late John Trebilcock, a journalism teacher. The award recognizes a Daily Illini reporter judged to have done the year’s best investigative reporting. The Daily Illini staff chooses the recipients and matches the College of Media award.

  • Samantha Boyle


Jules and Jody Anne Becker Scholarship
This scholarship was established by the late Jules Becker and Jody Anne Becker to assist journalism or advertising students. Mr. Becker, of Becker & Company Public Relations-Advertising in San Rafael, California, attributed his outstanding journalistic education and solid foundation for life to the college.

  • Carson Gourdie


Karen Lucas Petitte Endowed Scholarship in Journalism
Karen Petitte holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Illinois. While at Illinois, Karen was among the first women selected as editor-in-chief of The Daily Illini. She has worked for the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Daily News, Consumers Digest, Modern Healthcare, and Modern Physician, the latter two published by Chicago-based Crain Communications, Inc. She has served as the first woman president of the Chicago Newspaper Guild and as Chicago’s consumer affairs commissioner under Mayor Jane Byrne. In 2007 she was inducted into the Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame and the Illini Media Hall of Fame. The award is given to a student majoring in journalism based on academic merit and financial need.

  • Eunice Alpasan


Klues Scholar
In 2015, the Jack M. Klues and Elizabeth F. Klues Family Foundation established an endowment in the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising to fund scholarships and experiential learning opportunities for underrepresented students with significant financial need. The gift was initiated by Jack Klues, a 1977 advertising alum, who began his career as an account executive in the media department at Leo Burnett. In 1996, he was part of the management team that created Starcom, and in 2003, following the acquisition by Publicis Groupe, he served as global CEO for Publicis Groupe Media. From 2007 until his retirement in 2012, he served as global CEO and Directoire member with oversight of media agencies, as well as Digitas and Razorfish under Publicis’ holding company’s digital and media agency, Vivaki. Mr. Klues has served in many volunteer leadership roles for the College of Media, including the James Webb Young Board, and has served on the board of directors for the Off the Street Club in Chicago for more than 25 years. His family’s gift will assist the college in its goal of building a more diverse student population, which ultimately improves diversity within the advertising industry.

  • Carlos Barragan
  • Jennifer Hernandez-Campos
  • Alejandro Rodriguez Nunez
  • Bryan Valencia


Klues Experiential Learning Scholarship
Experiential learning undergraduate scholarship recipients for a spring break immersion trip to Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington; and the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Erick Balthazar
  • Stephanie Castillo
  • Tiarah Golliday-Murry
  • Alondra Lopez
  • Samantha Quiroga


Lulu Kelly Nardine Awards
Three awards are given to journalism students who have demonstrated excellence in writing. The late Gretchen Nardine Doris of Tampa, Florida, established this scholarship in memory of her mother.

  • Gavin Good
  • Therese Pokorney
  • Isaac Trotter


Lynne Blanton Student Travel Fund
Marilyn Dean DeRamus Blanton established this endowment to provide travel funds for graduate students in the Institute of Communications Research (ICR) in honor of her daughter, Lynne Blanton, who earned a PhD in 1979 from the Institute under the direction of Professor Albert L. Kreiling.

  • Chen Chen
  • Un Chae Chung
  • Yayu Feng
  • Yiran Gao
  • Jingyi Gu
  • Kristy Hamilton
  • Xiaohan Hu
  • Woojin Kim
  • Seo Yoon Lee
  • Anirban Mukhopadhyay
  • Yeah In Pyo
  • Yilin Ren
  • Olga Shabalina
  • elizaBeth Simpson
  • Dora Valkanova
  • Adrian Wong
  • Jiachen Yao


Marian and Barney Brody Creative Feature Article Writing Awards in Journalism
These awards were established in 1996 through the generosity of Marian Boruck Brody, a 1937 journalism graduate, who passed away in 2016. The awards are presented to journalism graduate or undergraduate students judged to have reported and written the best student feature articles during the previous year.

  • Abigail Bobrow—1st place for “Sanctuary”
  • Emily Scott—2nd place for “As Telehealth Legislation Ramps Up, Hurdles Remain”
  • Emily Dao—3rd place for “Food Insecurity”


Marilyn Miller Kaytor Scholarship
Established from the estate of Marilyn Miller Kaytor, one of the first journalists to make a career of writing about food for a mass audience, this endowed fund supports scholarships for undergraduate students enrolled in the Department of Journalism in the College of Media.

  • Eunice Alpasan
  • Zain Bando
  • Samantha Boyle
  • Ross Brown
  • Taylor Castro
  • Caroline Coyle
  • Madeleine Ehret
  • Madelyn Foster
  • Daniel Gerardi
  • Gavin Good
  • Mariah Guzman
  • Gabrielle Hajduk
  • Kaleigh Haworth
  • Acacia Hernandez
  • Jackson Janes
  • Charrice Jones
  • Grace Khachaturian
  • Zoe Lavigne
  • Karen Liu
  • Sidney Madden
  • Danielle Rhody
  • Niani Scott


Mary Fulton Rothermel Scholarship
This fund is named in honor of Mary Fulton Rothermel, a 1957 graduate of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, with a BA in Teaching of English, by her husband James P. Rothermel, a 1958 graduate of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, with a BS in Speech Communication. The net income of the fund is used to support scholarships in the Department of Journalism, with preference to students who plan to pursue a career in investigative journalism.

  • Domingo Casanova
  • Stephen Downs


Nancy Ronald and Ronald Hartshorn Internships
Nancy Ronald (BS ’70, journalism) and Ron Hartshorn (BS ’69, ACES) established this endowment in 2013 to support students pursuing internships in media. Preference is given to students with an interest in broadcast journalism.

  • Zainie Qureshi
  • Chantal Vaca
  • Jose Zepeda


Nelio A. Florio and Patricia M. Florio Scholarship in Journalism
Patricia Florio established this scholarship in honor of her husband, the late Nelio Florio, a 1938 journalism graduate. Nelio was a sports writer on The Daily Illini and served as sports editor of Trans-Radio News, the Southtown Economist, the Garfieldian, and the Austin News. Later he joined Western Electric and served for 31 years as editor of its newspaper and then at the Oak Park Journal as sports editor. The award is presented to an undergraduate journalism student.

  • Sydney Wood


Paul C. Fulton Scholarship
This scholarship fund was created by Mrs. Ester Fulton to honor her late husband, Paul, a longtime advertising executive with the Chicago Tribune. The scholarship is awarded to juniors or seniors who maintain academic excellence and demonstrate proficiency in their field.

  • Tiarah Golliday-Murry
  • Constance Tzakis


Paul Schrage - McDonald's Fellowship in Advertising
Paul D. Schrage received his master’s degree in advertising from the College of Communications in 1959. A marketing wizard for McDonald’s Corporation since 1967, Mr. Schrage deployed the “Golden Arches” synonymous with the fast-food giant and is credited with many of the chain’s other key innovations. In 2005, the Paul Schrage-McDonald’s Corporation Graduate Fellowship in Advertising Fund was established to support excellence in graduate education in advertising.

  • Hang Chu


Raymond Clamage Prize in Journalism
In 1947, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Clamage established a fund with the University in memory of their son, Raymond, who served on The Daily Illini staff from 1942 to 1943 and was killed in action in World War II. This award is presented to the member of The Daily Illini staff not holding a senior position who has contributed the most to the progress and quality of the newspaper during the year.

  • Hannah Preston


Raymond O. Torr Memorial Award
Illinois Journalism alumnus Raymond Torr was the public relations director for the National Fund for Medical Education. Upon his death, his colleagues established this memorial to honor his legacy. The award is presented to a graduating senior who shows promise of a successful professional career in journalism.

  • Armani Baker


Richard Hildwein Memorial Photojournalism Award
Presented in honor of longtime faculty member Richard “Dick” Hildwein, this scholarship is awarded to a journalism student with an interest in photojournalism.

  • Armani Baker


Richard Tuttle Orr Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 1993 by Richard Tuttle Orr of Chicago, a University of Illinois journalism graduate. He was a Chicago Tribune staff member, and served as president of the Chicago Press Club and the Newspaper Farm Editors of America. The award provides scholarships based on academic merit and/or financial need to undergraduate students who are majoring or intend to major in journalism.

  • Delaney Appelhans
  • Margaret Burnetti
  • Madeline Kuhl
  • Justin Malone
  • Taylor Mattingly
  • Shelbi Voss
  • Danielle Williams
  • Jose Zepeda


Robert N. and Lorraine M. Wilt Scholarship
Robert and Lorraine Wilt were journalism graduates and later co-publishers of the Muncy Luminary in Muncy, Pennsylvania. Initially Robert Wilt established this scholarship in memory of his wife. After Mr. Wilt’s death, an additional bequest was added to the original fund, and now the scholarship honors them both. The scholarship is presented to an outstanding female journalism student.

  • Carolina Garibay


Robert O. Endres Internship (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020)
Robert O. Endres created this fund in 2017 to support internships with WILL. He earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degree from the College of Media and during his time at Illinois he worked at both WPGU and WILL. Endres had a long, distinguished career as a projectionist including 25 years at Radio City Music Hall.

  • Eunice Alpasan


Roger Ebert Fellowship in Media Criticism
In recognition of Roger Ebert’s career in journalism, the Roger Ebert Fellows program was established in 2015 to provide learning experiences that focus on critical thinking and interpretative journalism. As a key component of the Roger Ebert Center, a select group of Illinois students experience in-depth mentoring by professional critics as they attend film festivals and write for Illinois Public Media and The Daily Illini—Roger’s beloved student newspaper.

  • Hallin Burgan
  • Xinyi Li
  • Coltrane Zerai-Che


S. Watson and Elizabeth S. Dunn Fellowship
Samuel Watson Dunn was the first PhD graduate from the University of Illinois with an advertising focus. He later returned to the University of Illinois to head the Department of Advertising from 1966-1977. Dr. Dunn was a major force in advertising education, especially in the graduate arena. This fellowship program was created by Dr. and Mrs. Dunn to honor his legacy.

  • Xiaohan (Catherine) Hu


Schlueter Family Endowed Fund for Internships in Journalism
James E. Schlueter is a 1980 graduate of the College of Media Department of Journalism. A native of Edwardsville, Illinois, Schlueter was a sportswriter and columnist for The Daily Illini, and was a sportswriter and editor for five years before joining The Boeing Company. He is the second member of his family to earn a degree from the University of Illinois. He and his wife, Amy, are both grateful for the opportunities they have receive as alumni from Big Ten universities and are proud and privileged to help future students secure future career success through internships.

  • Taylor Castro
  • Peyton Wesner


Wilkey Scholarship for Print Journalism
This scholarship was established by the Wilkey family in 2007 to reward a junior or senior enrolled in print journalism who displays good mentoring abilities among other worthy attributes.

  • Samantha Schrage


Wilma M. Haist Journalism Memorial Fund
This memorial fund was a bequest by Wilma M. Haist to honor her late husband, Lt. Col Glade F. Haist, United States Air Force, Class of 1936. The scholarship is to assist journalism students in need of aid and who strive to report news as it really is.

  • Sophia Morano
  • Isaac Trotter