Michelle Nelson

Several advertising faculty and doctoral students in the College of Media will be presenting academic papers, leading the pre-conference sessions, serving as experts on panels, and moderating sessions at the American Academy of Advertising Annual Conference March 17 – 20.

Associate Professor Michelle Nelson is president elect of the organization.


Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About All Aspects Of The Academic Publication Process, But Never Asked
How to Respond to Reviews, Brittany Duff, panelist
How to be a Great Reviewer, Patrick Vargas, panelist

Your Brain on Advertising: Psychophysiological and Neuroscientific Approaches to Studying Advertising Effects and Processes: Chair, Kevin Wise

Starting Your Own Lab: Challenges and Opportunities
Training Graduate Students and Managing Research Teams for Psychophysiological Research

Kevin Wise

Advertising: Past and Present
Knowledge Flows Between Advertising and Other Disciplines: A Social Exchange Perspective

Michelle R. Nelson, Chang Dae Ham and Regina Ahn

Brand Integration, Sponsorship, and Advertorials: Moderator: Patrick Vargas

Creative Design Factors
Establishing a Factor Model for Aesthetic Preference for Brand Logo Visual Complexity

Zongyuan Wang and Brittany R. L. Duff,

Multiscreen and Multitasking Behavior
How Walking Forward Influences People’s Emotional Response to and Memory for Stimuli Viewed on a Mobile Phone

Yilin Ren and Kevin Wise

WOM and Viral Videos, Moderator: Jacqueline Hitchon

Persuasion and Ad Effects, Moderator: Sela Sar,

Globalizing Advertising Curriculum, Teaching Abroad, and Professional Abroad, Chang Dae Ham, panelist

Emotions and Advertising
Distinct Influences of Emotional Arousal and Content Relevance of Online Videos on Recognition of Verbal Information and Visual Imageries of Ad Commercials

Zongyuan Wang and Kevin Wise

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