Dow Jones News Fund internship winners announced

The final list of Dow Jones News Fund internship winners was released Wednesday, and four University of Illinois Department of Journalism students received internships.

Senior Tyler Davis will go to Dallas Morning News to work in data journalism, junior Annabeth Carlson will be at The New York Times as a news editor, junior Peter Bailey-Wells will be editing at The Roanoke (Va.) Times, and senior Ryan Vasicek will be editing at the Naples (Fla.) Daily News.

Three other students — Declan Harty, Jordan Wilson and Michel Dwojak — were offered Dow internships but turned them down for other internships more focused on writing — Harty at Bloomberg, Wilson at the Indianapolis Star as a Pulliam intern, and Dwojak at the Chicago Tribune.

Ninety-seven Dow Jones News Fund internships were awarded this year out of 921 applications from graduate and undergraduate students.  

The Dow internships begin with one week of training at eight sites around the country. Students then report to work at their publications for at least 10 weeks at salaries starting at $400 per week. Those returning to college receive $1,000 scholarships. 

Dow changed its internships this year, eliminating sports editing, adding data journalism and adding more business reporting internships.