A number of faculty and students participated in the International Communication Association annual conference in Fukuoka, Japan. The ICA aims to advance the scholarly study of human communication by encouraging and facilitating excellence in academic research worldwide. 

Submissions included:
Busy Pedestrians: How Media Content Complexity and Sensory Modalities Influence Street-Crossing Performance in Virtual Environment
Shili Xiong, and Kevin Wise

Arousal as a Double Edge Sword in Moderating Ad Placement Effect
Zongyuan Wang and Kevin Wise

“You Have the Right to Privacy, Unless You Have Something to Hide!” Examining the Impacts of a Perceptual Difference Between Privacy and Secrecy on Online Privacy Concerns and Bystander Apathy
Mike Z. Yao

Examining the Effects of CSR Communication in Crises: The Role of Dispositional and Situational CSR Skepticism
Chang-Dae Ham

Assimilation and Contrast in Advertising: How Product Categories and Order of Presentation Affect People’s Attitude Towards Print Ads
Shuoying Cui, Patrick Vargas and Kevin Wise

South Korean Hostess Film and Film Censorship During Park Chung Hee's Military Regime (1960-1979)
Molly Hyo Kim

Game of Cues: The Interplay between Star Ratings, Number of Reviews, and Product Reviews in Online Shopping for Health Products
Zongyuan Wang

Metajournalism and Media Ethics
Stephanie L. Craft

South Korean Hostess Film and Censorship During the Military Regime (1960-1979)
Molly Hyo Kim

Towards the Tool of Propaganda: Official Microblogs in China: A Case Study of People's Daily, CCTV, and Xinhua News Agency
Ke Li and Zongyuan Wang

From “Poison” to “Seeder”: The Gap Between Propaganda and Xuanchuan is Cultural
Chunfeng Lin

Jack of All Trades In The Era Of Media: Multitasking and Attentional Influences on Advertising Effectiveness
Anlan Zheng and Brittany R. L. Duff


Faculty Chairs
News and the Active Audience
Mass Communication Journalism Studies
Chair: Stephanie L. Craft

Best Papers in Information Systems Division
Information Systems
Chair: Kevin Wise

Advertising and Branding
Information Systems
Chair: Jacqueline Hitchon

Dialogues in Journalism Studies: Structuring Public Understanding of Journalism Through Metajournalism
Journalism Studies
Chair: Stephanie L. Craft