Former president Bill ClintonAssistant Professor of Journalism Charles “Stretch” Ledford recently spent several days in Iowa on what he describes as “a political binge” covering the run-up to today’s state caucuses for Getty Images.  Ledford committed to photographing as many campaign events as possible in a week’s time.  A number of media outlets have published photographs from his resulting portfolio, including Time (Bill Clinton), the Associated Press (Bill Clinton), Vox (Jeb Bush), Huffington Post (Jeb Bush), ABC News/Good Morning America (Bernie Sanders), WNYC (Hillary Clinton), InsideGov.com (Bush) and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.  “That last one was a surprise,” said Ledford.  “I ran into a guy selling yarmulkes endorsing the various candidates.  The JTA picked up a shot of him wearing one that said, ‘Bernie Sanders 2016’ in Hebrew.”