MACS 370: Cinematography and Sound Design class project reimagines famous painting

In MACS 370: Cinematography and Sound Design, students had to build a strategy, a production plan, and a shooting plan for a movie that they write at the beginning of the semester, which is based on a famous painting. 

"They have to imagine a story that could happen, ending in that specific frame (of the painting), and develop the production design from there," explained Victor Font, lecturer in media and cinema studies.

Watch Phillies, produced in Fall 2020:

Please note: Since the course took place during the pandemic, safety protocols were followed while creating this video. 

Movie credits

  • Idea: Lincoln Rogers
  • Directed by Victor Font and Lincoln Rogers
  • Casting Director: Eliseo Gonzalez-Kamekawa
  • Production Manager: Tyler Belisle
  • Location Manager: His Yuan Chen
  • DOP: Shana Olivero
  • Assistant Camera: Jade Huang
  • Clapper Loader: Nathania Djuhar
  • Gaffer: Boynton, Brianna
  • Key Grip: Jade Roberts
  • Soundman: Angel Loera Herrera
  • Art Director: Brianna Boynton
  • Props Manager: Erica Meyer
  • Set Constructor: Jade Huang
  • Set Constructor: Angel Loera Herrera
  • Wardrobe: Nathania Djuhar
  • Makeup and FX: Jade Roberts
  • Editing: Victor Font

"Last year we based our class on ‘Freedom from Want’ by Norman Rockwell (view that project) and this fall was 'Nighthawks' by Edward Hopper," Font said.

This course fulfills one of the criteria for the new Critical Film Production minor.