Critical Film Production Minor

The minor in Critical Film Production provides undergraduate students with a rigorous introduction to core critical, formal, and technical aspects of filmmaking through the four required courses. The additional electives allow students to gain deeper theoretical, historical, and/or methodological knowledge to enrich their filmmaking practice.

The minor requires a minimum of 21 hours distributed over six courses as shown below. At least six hours of advanced-level (300 or 400) courses are included. A course cannot be used to satisfy more than one requirement within the minor.

Critical Film Production Requirements—21 Hours Required

Required Courses:

MACS 150 Intro to Digital Media Production 4 hours
MACS 260 Film Production 4 hours
MACS 370 Cinematography and Sound Recording
-or- MACS 371 Editing and Post-Production for Cinema
4 hours

NOTE: MACS 370 and MACS 371 do not count toward elective credits in the minor.


Select ONE of the following foundational study electives (3 hours):

  • MACS 261 Survey of World Cinema I*
  • MACS 262 Survey of World Cinema II*
  • MACS 361 Film Theory and Criticism*


Select TWO electives from the following list of film history, theory, and criticism courses (3 hours):
At least one of the elective courses must be at the 300- or 400-level.

  • MACS 203 Contemporary Movies
  • MACS 205 Introduction to Documentary
  • MACS 261 Survey of World Cinema I*
  • MACS 262 Survey of World Cinema II*
  • MACS 282 A World of Death and Blood: The Horror Movie
  • MACS 284 Animated Media from Mickey to GIFs
  • MACS 361 Film Theory and Criticism*
  • MACS 372 Screenwriting
  • MACS 380 21st Century Documentaries
  • MACS 464 Film Festivals
  • MACS 485 Making Video Essays

*A course cannot be used toward more than one requirement in the minor.


Declaring the Minor

Any student interested in declaring the Critical Film Production minor can submit the Statement of Intent to Pursue a Campus-Approved Minor form. The form should be sent to

For additional information about requirements, visit the Academic Catalog.