Advertising faculty participating in annual conference
Several College of Media faculty, alums and affiliated faculty are participating in the Association for Consumer Research Annual Conference in Vancouver, October 4-7, 2012.

The Conference co-chair is Dr. Cele Otnes, Professor of Business Administration, who also holds an appointment in the Department of Advertising.

Paper presentations include:

Participants asked to sell specific episodic memories (e.g., first kiss) wanted astronomical sums per memory. I propose that people value their memories primarily because they do not understand the reconstructive nature of memory. People believe memories make them who they are; however, the opposite is more likely true.

Poster presentations include:

  • It's All About Me: Effects on Product Samples for Self vs. Other
  • Chelsea Johnson, University of Illinois, M.S. Advertising, Class of 2012
  • Dr. Brittany Duff, University of Illinois

A promotional product sample high in incentive value may lead to general reward-seeking behavior. This study introduces the idea that reward seeking may be self-directed, with the effect driven by an increase in purchases for self. Implications for advertising and point-of-purchase incentives are discussed.

The Effect of Vertical Individualism on Status Consumption and Advertising Response  
Dr. Michelle Nelson, University of Illinois 
Dr. Jing Zhang, San Jose State University,  (ICR, alumni)
Going beyond cultural differences in Individualism-Collectivism, we disentangle the Vertical (V) from Horizontal (H) aspects of Individualism (I) to illuminate its distinct effects in consumption and persuasion in three studies. We found that VI values affect consumers' brand consciousness, brand buying behavior, and their responses to status-advertising appeals.