Jacqueline C. Hitchon is fascinated by the merging and supplanting that take place in multiple, diverse settings as persuasive communications adapt to changes in communication technology. In turn, technological opportunities produce changes in consumer expectations and even industry structure. Her research has examined such scenarios as viewer responses to digitally edited images, to political advertising when candidate gender is unexpected, to metaphorical equations, To brand ads that also contain a P.R. message, and to programs where the plot is dominated by social cause placement. For Hitchon, this blurring of boundaries is the most important dynamic in mass communication today, and it is exhilarating to impose the rigor of social science theory and methodology upon key settings in this shifting landscape. Her dominant methodology is controlled experiments to test how people process messages, with an emphasis on their recall, thoughts and feelings, attitudes and behavioral intentions. She is also interested in writing books that capture important milestones in the evolution of brands, and industry icons