Wine-Banks launches new podcast 'Intergenerational Politics'

Jill Wine-Banks (BS '64, journalism) has launched a new weekly podcast called "Intergenerational Politics" with Victor Shi, a freshman at UCLA.

Wine-Banks, who won the 2019 Chicago Illini of the Year award, is the only woman to serve on the Watergate prosecution team, an MSNBC Legal Analyst, and author of the recently published book The Watergate Girl. Shi was elected as the youngest delegate for Vice President Joe Biden from Illinois.

"This podcast, with the two of us representing vastly different generations, strives to engage all generations in the political process and conversation," Shi said.

With different guests each week, they discuss various topics unfolding in politics, from the state of the economy to the attacks on the rule of law to the stakes of the 2020 election, and many other issues.