ICR hosts "James Carey & Media Studies: The Past in the Present" colloquium

James Carey flier

The Institute of Communications Research sponsored a two-day colloquium on Thursday, April 27, and Friday, April 28, 2023, to revisit and reconsider James Carey’s impact on the field of communication and media studies, and to highlight the recent launch of the James Carey Faculty Fellowship at the University of Illinois. 

Presenters on April 27 featured:

Unfortunately, due to technical glitches, not everyone's presentation from April 27 was available. Below are the recordings from Professor Emeritus John Nerone and Professor Emeritus Clifford Christians:

Presenters on April 28 featured:

Watch their presentations:



James Carey

James Carey has had a profound impact on communication and media studies, and in shaping the direction of communication and media studies at the University of Illinois—as a professor, mentor, Dean of the College of Communications (now the College of Media), and Director of the Institute of Communications Research. He was, and remains, globally recognized for his wide-ranging contributions and interventions, including as an advocate for interdisciplinary studies of media and communications, as a historian of media, through his perspectives about communication, information, and media studies and their history, through his interests in the relation between communication studies, media studies, and cultural studies, through his attention to the technologies of communication and information, through his engagement with theories and histories of journalism, and as a contributor to theories and histories about the role of media in democratic forms of citizenship.