Additional Scholarship Resources

For a list of all university-wide scholarships, please see the Office of Financial Aid website. Be sure to complete the Undergraduate Scholarship Supplement Form.

Studying Abroad? The Campus offers several scholarships for students planning to Study Abroad. Scholarships consider a variety of factors such as: financial need, academics, and geographic location of study. You may view them through the Study Abroad Office's website.

Information on applying for prestigious fellowships such as the Fulbright, Rhodes, or Luce Scholarships for national and/or international study are also available through the National & International Scholarships Program.

Although not run through the College of Media, you may wish to consider an online scholarship search through such sites as,, or You can also search for media-related scholarships on sites such as You will need to complete paperwork on these sites. Be sure to include as much information as possible. While searching for scholarships online, please be advised that you should not give out personal information such as a bank account or Social Security number. Also beware of requests for an application or processing fee; this can often indicate a scam. Honest Product Reviews is a good resource for comparing search sites and what to look for when applying for scholarships.

In addition, students may wish to seek out other media organizations that offer scholarships. Please note, applications and awards are determined by these other entities and the process is not tied, in any way, to the College of Media. Questions should be directed to the organizations offering the scholarships. Below are a few examples. This is a non-exhaustive list and students should be able to find other opportunities to apply for funds. As always, use caution when applying for scholarships not run through the University.


Advertising Scholarships


CS+Advertising Scholarships


Journalism Scholarships


PR Scholarships


 Media Scholarships