Scholarship List

College of Media students who submit a scholarship application in the spring will be considered for all awards they are eligible to receive for the following academic year.

For incoming freshmen, the admission application will be used to determine receipt of any awards for a student’s first year in Media.

The following awards are funded through charitable donations to the College of Media.

Christopher L. Allen Scholarship: awarded to academically meritorious juniors and seniors enrolled in the College of Media

Daniel and Nancy Balz Endowed Fund in Journalism: scholarship or internship support for journalism students

Suzanne Bates and Drew Yanno Experiential Learning Scholarship Fund: to support scholarships, internships and/or other experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate students in the unit, with preference for journalism students with financial need and academic merit

Jules and Jody Anne Becker Scholarship: journalism or advertising

Gerald Robert Bland Scholarship: journalism

Harold R. Bruno Jr. Fund for Journalism: journalism

C&U Poster Advertising Company Scholarship: senior in advertising

Donald E. Chamberlain Journalism Scholarship: awarded to outstanding journalism students on the basis of academic performance and promise of success in the field

Iris Chang Journalism Award: senior in journalism

Raymond Clamage Prize in Journalism: presented to the member of The Daily Illini staff not holding a senior position who has contributed the most to progress and quality of the newspaper during the year

Cardiss Collins Scholarship for Advertising Studies Fund: awarded to a minority student in advertising

Goldie Maxine Cord and Marcus Franklin Cord Scholarship: third-year journalism student

Daily Illini Journalism Scholarship Fund: merit scholarships for study abroad and internship opportunities for students across the College of Media; student must be employed at The Daily Illini for at least one semester

Department of Journalism Scholarship Fund: journalism undergraduates

Betty Hinckle Dunn Memorial Scholarship in Journalism: journalism

Robert O. Endres Endowed Internship at Illinois Public Media Fund: graduate or undergraduate Media students who intern at Illinois Public Media

C.O. “Doc” Erickson Scholarship in Journalism: journalism

Dana M. Ewell Memorial Placement Awards: junior, senior or graduate student in journalism

Ian Fleming Foundation Undergraduate Research Scholarship: honors the late Ian Lancaster Fleming, journalist, critic, travel writer, and author of the James Bond novels

Nelio A. Florio and Patricia M. Florio Scholarship in Journalism: undergraduate journalism student

John R. Foreman Endowment Fund: internship or scholarship assistance to undergraduate students in the Department of Journalism

The Forsyth Family Endowed Scholarship: awarded based on academic merit

Deanna Frautschi and Alan Bedell Scholarship Fund: junior or senior students

Paul C. Fulton Scholarships: juniors or seniors in advertising who maintain academic excellence

Bill Geist Broadcasting Journalism Writing Prize: senior in broadcast journalism

Neil and Lynn Gissler Experiential Learning Fund: supports experiential learning and industry immersion opportunities in the College of Media; preference given to students in the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising

Paula L. Gottschalk Scholarship: advertising and journalism

H. Maxine Gladding Greenwood Scholarship: journalism student chosen for academic achievement and financial need

Glenn Hanson Scholarship in Visual Communication: journalism student studying graphic art

Nancy Ronald and Ronald L. Hartshorn Internship Fund: journalism internships, preference for broadcast journalism

C. Arthur and Eleanor Hemminger Scholarships: undergraduate Media students

Richard Hildwein Memorial Photojournalism Award: journalism student with an interest in photojournalism

Jvanne J. Hoelscher Memorial Fund: supports undergraduate College of Media students with scholarships, internships and experiential learning; preference given to Department of Journalism students with financial need and academic merit

Hugh Hough Memorial - Media: journalism undergraduate

Calvin Hugy Scholarship: undergraduate Media student

Illinois Broadcasters Association Scholarship in Journalism: senior in broadcast journalism

Florence J. Johnson Endowed Scholarship: scholarship awarded to College of Media students

Gerald P. Johnson Scholarship / Internship: provides scholarship and internship support to students in journalism interested in sports journalism

J. Christopher and Robin N. Kaler Scholarship: scholarship to support journalism students pursuing broadcast journalism

Marilyn Miller Kaytor Scholarships: journalism

Klues Family Foundation Scholarship: awarded to minority students in advertising

Charla Krupp Journalism Student Support Fund: supports student scholarships, internships, and experiential learning; The internship and experiential learning opportunities shall be in the journalism industry

Jonathan Laxamana Endowment Fund: supports scholarships, experiential learning and internships for Department of Media and Cinema Studies students studying film production or film studies

Brett Lerner Memorial Scholarship in Journalism Fund: talented undergraduate students in the Department of Journalism with a passion for journalism and demonstrated experience working for a high school or college newspaper or other journalistic work experience

Jay Lin Scholarship: undergraduates in the Department of Advertising

Media Alumni Scholarships: undergraduate in the College of Media

Media Annual Fund Scholarships: undergraduate in the College of Media

College of Media Dean’s Honors Scholarship: awarded to incoming students based on their prior academic achievements and extracurricular involvement

College of Media Endowed Scholarship Fund: undergraduate students in the College of Media based on financial need, academic merit, or both

Media Underrepresented Scholarship Fund: underrepresented students in the College of Media

Florence Hood Miner Scholarship in Journalism: undergraduate students in journalism who have financial need with a preference to students working for The Daily Illini or a similar student newspaper

Donald P. Mullally Intern: paid internship at WILL in the fall and spring semesters each year

Lulu Kelly Nardine Awards: journalism students who have demonstrated excellence in writing

Richard Tuttle Orr Scholarship: scholarships based on academic merit and/or financial need for students who are majoring in journalism

Helen C. and Theodore B. Peterson Scholarship: journalism

Karen Lucas Petitte Endowed Scholarship in Journalism: student in journalism based on academic merit and financial need

Cynthia Browne Placek Endowed Scholarship: scholarship for journalism students who demonstrate financial need

Bob Reid Minority Student Recruitment Fund: undergraduate student support in the Department of Journalism

Glenn Holman Roberts Journalism Scholarship: juniors or seniors who have proven ability in journalism courses and extracurricular journalistic experience and who demonstrate a particular interest in print journalism and have financial need

Harold Gustave Roettger Memorial Award: graduating senior in Media, based on academic performance, and a member of Kappa Tau Alpha, a national communications honorary society

Mary Fulton Rothermel Scholarship: journalism students with preference to those students who plan to pursue a career in investigative journalism

John H. and Sylvia N. Schacht Memorial Scholarship: undergraduate student in Media who is a staff member of The Daily Illini

Schlueter Family Endowed Fund for Internships in Journalism: Media students via internships in journalism

David Shaul Endowed Scholarship in Journalism Fund: undergraduate students in the Department of Journalism based on academic merit

Charles G. Sotir Journalism Scholarship: journalism

Harold E. and Dorothy Johnson Sortor Journalism Scholarship: journalism students with academic merit

Carl and Ruth S. Stephens Scholarships: journalism students who demonstrate academic merit and/or financial need

Joe Sutton Honorary Scholarship: female print journalism student enrolled in the College of Media—who is or has been on the staff of The Daily Illini—on the basis of academic performance and promise of success in journalism

Veronica Ponterelli Toussaint and Dr. Paul Toussaint Scholarship Fund: scholarships to outstanding advertising undergraduates, with preference for residents of the State of Illinois

John T. Trebilcock Memorial Award: recognizes a Daily Illini reporter judged to have done the year’s best investigative reporting

Dawn M. Turner and Kim D. Turner Endowed Scholarship in Media Fund: undergraduate scholarships and experiential learning opportunities (internships, study abroad, study domestic) for College of Media students with a preference for African American students

Joel D. and Analee Weisman Scholarship: awarded to a journalism student working in journalism, marketing or management positions

Wilkey Scholarship for Print Journalism: junior or senior enrolled in print journalism who displays good mentoring abilities

Ed Wilks Memorial Scholarship in Journalism: undergraduate journalism students interested in newspaper careers

George Will Endowed Scholarship: scholarship to an outstanding College of Media student

Robert N. and Lorraine M. Wilt Scholarship: female journalism student