Student Impact

Thanks to our generous alumni and friends, many Media students are able to receive scholarship aid. (See list of recipients.) This act of kindness does not go unnoticed, especially by our students. Their words of thanks are inspiring and a testament to how important you are to the Illinois experience.

If you are interested in learning how you can help future students, please contact the College of Media Office of Advancement at (217) 244-5466 or You can also make an immediate gift here.  

EllaElla, Media & Cinema Studies, Class of 2027

"I want to thank you so very much for your generous donations which have allowed me to receive this amazing scholarship. Growing up in a small town, becoming a film director seemed to be on the same level of planning as becoming an astronaut or the next president, something that did not seem possible. But, after realizing all the possibilities that are out there, I decided that the University of Illinois was the perfect place to make my dream a reality. UIUC gives me the advantages of a big school, while the College of Media is a close-knit community just like my hometown. Thank you so much for providing this critical support to help students like me pursue our dreams. Your support means the world to me and has made such a positive impact on my life and career."

FaizFaiz, Computer Science + Advertising, Class of 2027

"It is with immense pride and gratitude that I accept this scholarship, and I want to convey how profoundly it will impact my journey. The financial support provided by this scholarship will help alleviate the burden of tuition and allow me to fully immerse myself in my studies and research. It is not merely a financial aid but a symbol of trust and belief in my potential, which motivates me to strive for excellence in my academic pursuits. With your generous support, I am one step closer to realizing my dreams of positively impacting the world of advertising through innovative and ethical practices."

GabriellaGabriella, Advertising, Class of 2026

"Thank you so much for your generous support of my education at the University of Illinois through the Calvin Hugy Scholarship. I am sincerely honored to have received this scholarship for the 2023-2024 academic year. The College of Media has brought me so many outstanding opportunities including educational travel in conjunction with the American Advertising Federation. With each experience, it has further proven that advertising is the path for me."


HumzaHumza, Journalism, Class of 2026

"I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to receive such generous financial support which will undoubtedly assist me in my studies. The Marilyn Miller Kaytor Scholarship opened the gateway for me to explore journalism beyond my academics. After a competitive audition with other qualified candidates, I was selected to host Good Morning Illini, and will begin my on-camera career this fall. I hope to continue to make you proud for supporting my academic ambitions."


SofiaSofia, Media & Cinema Studies, Class of 2026

"Thank you for your support through the C. Arthur and Eleanor Garm Hemminger Scholarship. During my freshman year, I was able to take advantage of many opportunities in the College of Media. I became a Mark L. Brandt Public Engagement Fellow, where I became the director and producer of the series “Our Fellow Media Students” for the College of Media Instagram. I am excited to say that the series was renewed. In addition to my series, I will also be a teaching assistant for the course MACS 140: Smartphone Cinema. I am very thankful for your generosity through this scholarship, as I have been able to take full advantage of all these amazing opportunities that are helping me to build and expand upon my media skills."

MeganMegan, Computer Science + Advertising, Class of 2026

"I would like to thank you for providing the funding for the Florence J. Johnson Scholarship. I am extremely grateful for the continued support of my education at the University of Illinois. The financial support this scholarship provides was such a great help last year, so I am extremely appreciative of the opportunity to renew it. The recognition of my continued hard work means so much to me. I am excited to continue my studies at the University of Illinois, and I cannot wait to see what the next three years will bring."

RawanRawan, Computer Science + Advertising, Class of 2026

"My hope is to increase access to high quality information and resources to a wide range of individuals regardless of individual factors, such as income or geography. I feel both supported and encouraged to pursue my passions and have an impact on the world. Thank you for your continued support of students like me which allowed me this amazing opportunity."

FrancescaFrancesca, Media & Cinema Studies, Class of 2026

"This opportunity lets me combine my passions for media and politics in a way that allows me to be creative and inspire change, and I see my career taking this course in the future as well. I have always been drawn to film, journalism, and anything media-related, and it is thanks to this scholarship that I am able to continue to pursue my passions at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, a school full of life and ambition."

SofiaSofia, Advertising, Class of 2025

"I want to thank you for your generosity in providing the funding for the College of Media Annual Fund Scholarship. With your generosity, I can pursue my dreams of succeeding in the advertising field without stressing about how to pay for my textbooks or tuition. This scholarship helps me learn more about the art of advertising and gain more knowledge with the classes I take in the College of Media. I know I have been blessed with such supportive alumni. I appreciate the demanding work you produce as alumni to allow me to keep pursuing my dream and academic career."

EmilyEmily, Journalism, Class of 2025

"Thank you so much for your overwhelming support of my education here at the University of Illinois through the Richard Hildwein Memorial Journalism Award. I could not be happier to be in the College of Media doing what I love every day. As I enter my third year now as an upperclassman, I have realized that I am so blessed to be able to attend the University of Illinois but more importantly be within the College of Media where I receive such generous support from alumni and friends. Truly, it means so much to me and I am so grateful to be here."

PriyankaPriyanka, Media & Cinema Studies, Class of 2025

"Since middle school, media has been my passion, and the opportunity to pursue this interest at Illinois has only increased my enthusiasm. Being chosen for this scholarship will immensely help in achieving my academic and personal goals. Because of this recognition, I am highly motivated to excel in my studies. I have confidence in myself to study hard and create opportunities for myself from which I can gain further experience in my field, and your continued support will help in achieving these goals."

ShawnShawn, Journalism, Class of 2024

"Thank you to everyone involved with this scholarship as this means so much to me. I want to find a way to use my story and my experiences to inspire people around me. There is a lack of representation of people with disabilities in the media and I want to be a true leader in that aspect to allow the same kids that look up to me to chase their dreams. Thank you once again for being so supportive to students like me and allowing me to continue to break barriers."

RickyRicky, Computer Science + Advertising, Class of 2024

"It is always difficult when it comes to paying for out-of-state tuition. However, with the help of both UIUC and generous donors like you, there will be less pressure on my family and I to gather payments and take out a substantial amount of loans. Instead, I can focus on getting a good education and start doing what I have always wanted to do: discover a career where I can utilize my ability to better my community."