College of Media welcomes new faculty leadership roles, newly promoted faculty, and new faculty members

Gregory Hall

This fall welcomes two new heads of academic units, a new center director, a new associate head of advertising graduate studies, three faculty promotions, and two new faculty in the College of Media.

Professor Michelle Nelson will serve as the head of the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising for a three-year appointment. Nelson is a past president of the American Academy of Advertising. Her research interest focuses on advertising literacy and political advertising.

Professor Mike Yao has been appointed as the director of the Institute of Communications Research. He previously served as head of the Department of Advertising. Yao’s research delves into the interplay between media technology, society, and human communication. He studies how people engage with emerging technologies like AI, immersive multimedia, and extended reality across diverse social settings, and how these interactions influence our social behaviors and human communication within technology-mediated digital spaces.

Angela Aguayo, associate professor of media and cinema studies, will serve this year as acting director of the Roger Ebert Center for Film Studies. She has previously served as Dean’s Fellow for Strategic Initiatives. Her research is centered around documentary production and media studies, connecting production, theory, and history.

Chang-Dae Ham, associate professor of advertising, has been appointed as associate head of graduate studies for the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising for a three-year appointment. Ham studies persuasion knowledge and digital advertising. 

Three faculty in the College of Media have been promoted:

Jason P. Chambers has been promoted to professor of advertising. He also serves as Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. He is a scholar of advertising history, particularly the contributions of African Americans to the industry, and has a new book titled Advertising Revolutionary: The Life and Work of Tom Burrell that will be published in early 2024.

Ewa Maslowska has been promoted to associate professor of advertising with indefinite tenure. Her research centers around marketing communication and consumer behavior, specifically consumer-brand interactions in the context of new technologies. 

Julie Turnock has been promoted to professor of media and cinema studies. She served as the inaugural director of the Ebert Center and is on sabbatical this year. Turnock’s research focuses on film, with an emphasis on special/visual effects. She is working on her third book, a technical, industrial, and aesthetic history of the special effects industry in the Hollywood studio era, circa 1915-1960. Informed by extensive archival research, it centers the labor and artistry performed by unsung “below-the-line” studio effects workers whose skills make much of “movie magic” possible.  

The Department of Journalism welcomes two new faculty members: Nancy Averett, lecturer, who specializes in science and environmental journalism, and Alex Gonçalves, assistant professor, who is a scholar of social media and data journalism.