Advertising faculty and graduate students recognized at 2023 AAA conference

UIUC group at AAA

The American Academy of Advertising held its annual conference March 23-26 in Denver, Colorado, where five faculty from the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising and graduate students in advertising and from the Institute of Communications Research presented papers, led panel discussions, and won awards. 

Sela Sar, professor of advertising and director of the Institute of Communications Research, completed his term as president of the AAA and will remain on the executive committee until March 2024.

Associate Professor Chang-Dae Ham stepped down as chair of the AAA research committee.

(Pictured at top: Professor Sela Sar, ICR doctoral student Dongchan Lee, advertising graduate student Prativa Subedi, and Associate Professor Chang-Dae Ham.)  


AAA Best Paper Ham's team

Journal of Interactive Advertising Best Article of the Year
Associate Professor Chang-Dae Ham (pictured above, at right) and Ayoung Seok (advertising graduate student), along with Joonghwa Lee (University of North Dakota) and Soojung Kim (University of North Dakota), were part of a collaboration that won a “Best Article” award at the conference for “Avoidance and Acceptance of Native Advertising on Social Media: Applications of Consumer Social Intelligence, Persuasion Knowledge, and the Typology of Consumer Responses.” 


Crystal Chen

AAA Research Fellowship Grant

Chen (Crystal) Chen (ICR doctoral student, pictured above) and ICR alumni Xiaohan (Catherine) Hu (PhD ’22), Xiaoyu (Zoe) Xu (PhD ’22), and Regina Jihea Ahn (PhD ’18) were part of collaborations that won research grants at the conference:

  • Chen, Hu, Xu, “Investigating the Effects of Social Presence and Perceived Autonomy in Chatbot Advertising” 
  • Ahn and Joonghwa Lee (University of North Dakota), “Social Influence and Its Impact on Influencers’ Content Strategies on Instagram: From a Nano-Influencers”


In addition, Chen (Crystal) Chen and Olga Shabalina (ICR doctoral student) were awarded special travel grants from AAA. 



Presentations by faculty and students included: 

  • “Bridging Research and Practice: Advertising’s Role in Promoting Sustainability,” co-presented by Professor Sela Sar, among others
  • “How Neutralization Affects Subsequent Prosocial Behaviors: The Roles of Materialism and Moral Identity,” presented by WooJin Kim (ICR doctoral student) and Seo Jeong Heo (ICR doctoral student)
  • “Self-construal and Green Online Behavioral Advertising: The Moderating Role of Algorithmic Awareness and the Mediating Role of Self-esteem,” presented by Dongchan Lee (ICR doctoral student) and Professor Sela Sar
  • “Disentangling Control and Personalization: Exploring the Effects of Ad Choice and Ad Personalization in Digital Advertising Effectiveness,” co-presented by Professor Kevin Wise 
  • “The Effects of Personalized Social Media Political Advertising on Attitude Formation: The Role of Personality and Political Orientation,” co-presented by Assistant Professor Ewa Maslowska, among others
  • “Constructing a ‘Metaverse’ Typology based on Affordances and Psychological Processes: A Systematic Literature Review,” presented by Professor Michelle Nelson, and ICR doctoral students Chen (Crystal) Chen, Yan (Anna) Liu, Jingyu Liu, Veranika Paltaratskaya, and Prativa Subedi (advertising graduate student)
  • “Computational Approaches to Advertising Research: Ongoing and Emerging Challenges and Lessons,” co-presented by Assistant Professor Ewa Maslowska, among others
  • “Understanding and Increasing Everyday Persuasion Knowledge about Political Advertising,” co-presented by Professor Michelle Nelson, Kirby Cook (ICR doctoral student), Associate Professor Change-Dae Ham, and Veranika Paltaratskaya (ICR doctoral student)
  • “The Future of Dataveillance in Advertising Theory and Practice,” moderated by Associate Professor Chang-Dae Ham and co-presented by Hari Sundaram (ICR doctoral student), among others
  • “Exploring Screen-Ad Congruence Effects on Visual Aesthetics and Ad Likeability in Social Media,” co-presented by Olga Shabalina (ICR doctoral student) and Professor Michelle Nelson 
  • “Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Superior to Human?: Rethinking the Role of Agent Knowledge in Perceived Autonomy, Superordinate Intentions, and Coping Mechanism with Influencer Marketing,” presented by Dongchan Lee (ICR doctoral student) and Associate Professor Chang-Dae Ham